I recently was bombarded by life issues, and I found that my energy was depleted.  I really didn’t have time to do much besides deal, and my body felt run down and tired.  In times like these, I like to turn to cuddly clothes, resting at home, and restorative yoga.

GatePose - Takin It Easy In the Take It Easy Fleece Pullover
Ahhhhhh – Release!

Good thing I had Soulflower’s Take It Easy Fleece Pullover to put on to keep me cozy as I tried my best to take it easy as life threw it’s swings.  When you put on this sweatshirt, get ready for some serious downtime!  Put on some soothing music, grab a glass of wine or a hot cocoa, and take some time for you.  You’ll confront life’s difficulties much better if you are well rested and calm.

Dandasana - Takin It Easy In the Take It Easy Fleece Pullover
Be sure and smile during your yoga practice–don’t take yourself too seriously!


As you’d expect, this Soulflower label sweatshirt is super soft.  The cotton and rayon are soft on your skin, and the polyester locks in that warmth from your body.  I love how the wide neck reveals the collarbone making the sweatshirt feel sexy.  I love this about all of Soulflower’s designs—I can feel comfortable and sexy—why settle for frumpy?  I love all of these features, but perhaps my favorite is the warm fuzzy little hand pouch on the front of the sweatshirt.  I have cold hands, and this makes it so convenient to warm them up!  Plus you can put stuff in there, like say, tissue for when you get the inevitable winter colds and flu; or maybe some lip balm to soothe dry lips from winter’s fury.  Even more, as the long, dark, days of winter envelope you, the warm, sunny design on the sweatshirt will remind you to enjoy taking it easy.

For yoga, this sweatshirt is the bomb.  You can wear it over a short sleeve or yoga tank until your body heats up and then put it back on to cozy up for savasana.  You don’t have to worry about it flopping around on you either—it has a band around the bottom and around the wrists to help it stay put.  As you slide in and out of poses, the soft elastic fabric is non-binding.

supported+child%2527s+pose - Takin It Easy In the Take It Easy Fleece Pullover

Because this time of year tends to be stressful and busy, and it’s also a time when we often get sick, I put together a Take It Easy Restorative Yoga Session for you!  Check it out at yogaventures.blogspot.com

The bolster used in the photos is from Inner Space Yoga:  innerspaceyoga.net  Support small business!


ajax loader - Takin It Easy In the Take It Easy Fleece Pullover

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