I’ve been reading and listening to stories about the dirty side of the clothing industry lately. In a nutshell, there is a whole lot of polluting the Earth with pesticides and dyes and a whole lot of shady business and government practices in the industry. If you’re interested, you should do some research and check it out, but it’s very disheartening.

Good news is, Soul Flower has done their homework, and they work really hard to bring us clothing that is made in the USA or fair trade, made with organic cotton and recycled fibers, and dyed with low impact dyes. They also create designs that have positive messages. Their message is holistic—clothing that has a positive impact on every aspect of the person wearing it, as well as humanity and the Earth.

SOL396 lg - Earth Medallion Yoga Skirt and TankBlog Image
Earth Medallion Yoga Tank
Blog Image SOL397 lg - Earth Medallion Yoga Skirt and Tank
Earth Medallion Yoga Skirt

Being a yoga teacher, I really appreciate this holistic approach to clothing design. I teach people yoga to get them to connect to their bodies, their breath, and their mind. My hope is that this connection to themselves will one day bring the awareness of our connection to our environment and to each other. So, representing the Soul Flower brand is more than wearing some pretty clothes for pictures; it is a representation of the very principles I live and teach by.

As I practice yoga in the eco-friendly Earth Medallion yoga skirt and tank, I am making a statement of my oneness of myself with the Earth!

I know that all seems pretty lofty—I like to go there. This yoga set (as well as their whole line of skirts and tanks with different beautiful designs) is more than lofty ideas—its downright useful clothing! The fibers are so soft and silky; they are a pleasure to wear, especially on a hot, sticky summer day. Think yoga session on the grass at mid-day at your favorite summer festival. I like to wear some boy shorts underneath the skirt. The skirt is also great over leggings or yoga pants. I don’t particularly like going to run errands before or after yoga class in my yoga pants, so I find myself throwing this skirt on over them.

The skirt and top are loose and flow-y too. There will be no binding here.  These clothes will let you bust a move without blowing a seam! The earth-y colors are just right for me since I’m a dirty girl. I get dirt, wine, and chocolate on myself all the time, and it all blends right in! So this set was just right for traveling and not being able to wash my clothes right away.

I also have enjoyed mixing and matching the skirt and top—having the two items added to my wardrobe has created dozens of new outfits! Thanks, Soul Flower for making clothes with integrity and beauty too!

from the blog Yoga Ventures

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