I’ve always had scarves made out of wool or other heavy fabrics, so when I wear them, I immediately take them off when I get to my destination. Not with this scarf! I find the cotton so soft and cozy that it’s great to wear inside as well as outside. I even find myself planning my outfits around the scarf so that I can showcase the art everywhere I go.

organic+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
totem+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
soul+flower+organic+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
The Triple Totem Organic Scarf kept me warm & peaceful 

I was a little skeptical about it’s ability to keep me warm, however, so I decided to go for a hike on a cold, windy day and see how well it did. Well, it was a little colder and windier than I had anticipated, and I found myself up on the mountaintop without enough layers, so I really got to put this scarf to the test! I was really glad that I had the scarf with me because it was the saving grace that kept me warm that day. I wrapped it around my arms sometimes as well as wearing it traditionally around my neck. I am no longer skeptical about its warming abilities!

organic+scarf lg - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
Triple Totem Organic Scarf
totem+organic+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review

This made-in-the-USA scarf is not only amazingly soft and cozy; it’s a beautiful Soulflower original piece of art as well. The material is 100% organic cotton and low impact dyed to a beautiful red wine color. The artwork on the scarf is amazing and thought provoking, as is the usual with Soulflower. It brings in elements of art from different cultures such as Indian and Native American to give it a worldly feel and message. The scarf begs to be worn to art and wine parties, to yoga class, on a mountaintop for meditation, and really anywhere you feel like wearing it; because it’s not only beautiful, it’s functional and durable.


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