This winter, I decided to escape the Northern Hemisphere winter and embark on a Southern Hemisphere adventure in Ecuador.  My goal was to relax and whitewater kayak with my husband for one month: an amazing adventure and relaxing vacation all at the same time.

organic+tunic+soul+flower - Soul Flower in Ecuador
Me in Ecuador in my Blissful Blends Tunic!

While packing for the trip, my husband grabbed 4 t-shirts and 2 pairs of pants and threw them in the bag, and he was ready.  For me, it was hours of different piles of clothes, trying to visualize how they would be worn and if they could be combined in different ways.  Clothes that were easy and practical got packed, and the ones that were difficult and bulky stayed at home.  Once my bag was packed, I found myself traveling with a whole bag of Soulflower Originals!

yoga+comfort+clothing - Soul Flower in Ecuador

I packed new pieces and well as some classics:  the Earth Medallion Yoga Skirt, Forever Young Recycled T-shirt, Sun and Surf Eco Sundress, Soulshine Yoga Hoody, Cropped Organic Leggings, Tie Dye Leggings, Circle Tree Boho Headband, and my new Blissful Blends Organic Tunic.  These items won their place because they all mix and matched well, and they packed small and light.  Plus, as it was snowing outside, I envisioned myself running around barefoot in the sun in these ultra-soft fabrics blissed out on Pina Coladas with my hubby.  I worked steadily to live up to this image!

Ecuador+vacation+drink - Soul Flower in Ecuador
Yummay Pina Colada. Now that’s vacation! 😉

To my delight, I found that the Soulflower Originals fabric traveled extremely well!  These items didn’t wrinkle, and I didn’t have to wash them the entire time.

My newest addition to my Soulflower wardrobe was the Blissful Blends Tunic.  Boy, when they say “Blissful,” they really mean it!  I found this fabric to be mind-blowingly soft and comfortable.  This tunic felt amazing on my skin in the Amazonian heat and humidity.

blissful+blends+tunic - Soul Flower in Ecuador

I also found this tunic fun to wear.  Whether I wore it as a bathing suit cover up, threw it on for an afternoon stroll around town, or went out to dinner; it had a relaxed and playful feeling that accentuated my playful, little girl side.

river+rafting - Soul Flower in Ecuador

I hope I never outgrow that playful, little girl side of me.  Thank you, Soul Flower for having clothes that allow me that freedom of expression!

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