The Burnout Tee makes me feel anything but burned out!  When I put on this silky soft tee, my mind and body feel totally revived and alive.

This is yet another item from the Soul Flower line that I have trouble changing out of.  When I wake up in the morning, I love pulling this soft shirt against my skin with a layer over the top.  Then, for my afternoon yoga practice, I keep the shirt on because it’s yoga ready!  Then as the evening chill set in, I can add a vest and a warm hat, grab a porter, and I am in bliss.

lotus+long+sleeve+burnout - Lotus Long Sleeve Burnout Review

The fit of this T is what I am always looking for in a long sleeve yoga top.  I actually am always looking for a long sleeve T that fits to my body while I practice, yet is not binding or constrictive.  This T is like a second pair of skin that moves with me—the only time I notice it is in a moment of pure bliss as I notice the softness.  The T also keeps me warmer than I thought it would, being a burnout fabric.  I am very pleased with how it keeps me warm at the beginning of my practice, yet isn’t too hot as my body heats up.  I also love how the lotus chakra pattern reminds me of the alignment of my charkas throughout my practice.  It’s a good indicator of how my body is aligned and reminds me to feel the openness and flow throughout the charkas.

lotus+yoga+top - Lotus Long Sleeve Burnout Review

This shirt is also good for other activities, such as hiking, walking around in town, or just hanging out and looking good in the office and at home.  As I’ve gotten older, I don’t go out nearly as much.  I spend most of my time in my office and hanging out at home with my husband.  Soul Flower’s clothes are comfortable enough that I want to wear them day-to-day, but instead of making me fell frumpy, the simplest clothes can make me feel gorgeous.  I imagine it would be good for students because of this reason too.  When you have so much to do, you don’t want to have to think about your clothes—you want to just put on something comfortable that you can wear all day; and with Soul Flower, you can be assured that you’ll look good wearing it.

lotus+long+sleeve+t shirt - Lotus Long Sleeve Burnout Review

These pictures were taken near Summersville, West Virginia on a reclaimed mountaintop removal site.  For more info about mountaintop removal and the work being done, visit


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