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When I first saw this dress, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it—the colors and the style were mesmerizing. But would I ever wear it?, I thought. You know how it is—you see a dress that you love—it’s gorgeous. You finally break down and buy it, and then it sits in your closet, too impractical to ever actually wear anywhere.

When I opened the package, I immediately knew that would not be the case with this dress! I put it on immediately. It was a freezing cold day and I wore it over my long johns to the river to go paddling. It looked fabulous yet relaxed at the same time and most important, I was super comfortable due to the stretchy organic cotton and lycra blend. After we were done paddling, I slipped the dress back on and I noticed the second best feature for me, a whitewater paddler who travels all over from river to river—it was easy to change under.

I proceeded during the week to wear the dress on a road trip in the mountains, hiking, at work in the office and to yoga class over my yoga clothes as a tunic.

Then my birthday came and I wore it as a festive birthday girl dress. A couple of days later, I wore it to a St. Paddy’s Day party. This was like day number 6 in the dress. My husband asked if I would ever take it off and I said an emphatic NO! He said that was cool because he loved it on me anyway.

Then the weather warmed up into a fabulous warm spring fling and I could wear the dress without the long johns! We packed up our van for a weekend of travel and kayaking. I stuffed the dress in my clothing cabinet. We went kayaking and when we got back, I pulled the dress from the crumpled mess, shook it out, and easily slipped the dress on. The crumpling of it was not a problem and it felt SO GOOD against my skin after kayaking on a warm spring day. And I could dry my hair with the hoody. It was the perfect thing. I wore it after kayaking for the next few days and to another party.

This dress is so comfortable and easy to wear, I can actually do yoga in it! It will be perfect for some concerts too because it will be so easy to dance in.

This dress turned out to be the perfect addition to my wardrobe because it is versatile—it can go from riverside to being stuffed in a bag or cabinet to van living to out on the town. It’s nice enough to wear out, yet relaxed enough to kick back in. It’s stretchy and non-binding, so I can move around and just be free. I can even spill something on it and it would just blend in. (If you know me, you know this is super important!)

The extra super cool bonuses are that it’s eco-conscious and affordable. The dress is made of organic cotton, fair trade, and the company even donates some profits to environmental organizations—they tell you which ones on the tag! This dress is by the people for the people—kind to the environment, to the workers, on the eyes, to your skin, and your wallet! I never thought one dress could do so much!


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