I am so glad that headbands have become fashionable again since I was already wearing them anyway!  Although I am not one to dress according to what is fashionable, I like to be comfortable, and part of being comfortable is knowing that you look good in what you’re wearing.  Soulflower has found the perfect balance in comfort, fashion, and style!

Anyway, I was looking through the headbands and thinking that I wanted one, and I came across a review that  said she thought the headband she ordered seemed flimsy and to save your money by cutting up an old t-shirt.  It made me re-think my order, but I decided I wanted to try one anyway.  I am glad I did!  I like the idea of cutting up a t-shirt, and I will probably try that; but I am extremely happy with the Soulflower headband, and I’ve been wearing it more than any of my other ones now.  I find that it’s not flimsy at all; in fact it’s quite tough!  I will definitely be buying the other colors and designs!

In order to check its toughness, I put it through the paces.  I took it on a road trip and on a multi-day river trip.  I wore it during different activities, and I was frequently stuffing it down in my bag.  I found that not only is the headband ultra-tough, but it’s super small and easy to pack!

The other reasons that I love the Soulflower headband are the material, the fit, and the design.  The material is their ultra-soft cotton/poly blend that they use in many of the items in their yoga line. The cotton makes it soft and airy and the polyester makes it durable and quick-drying.  It’s organic cotton and recycled plastic too!  When it’s hot outside, I always want my hair out of my face, but many headbands make me itchy and hotter, so I put them on and take them off all day.  Not this one!  The material is silky-soft, light and airy, so it feels good to wear in all kinds of weather.

The fit of the headband is perfect.  I have a very small head, and it fits me great without falling around; and the material is stretchy, so if you have a bigger head, it will fit you too.  You can change up the look to fit your mood by wearing it over your whole head or scrunching it up smaller.  It stays on great through all kinds of activity like yoga, hiking, traveling, and just playing around.  On our road trip out west, I found it to be a necessary travel item!  Since I went many days without a shower, it was great to cover up and control dirty, wind-blown travel hair.  

One of the most amazing things about Soulflower is their designs, and they don’t hold back on their headbands!  I have many items with the Soulshine graphics on them because it’s one of my favorites!  It reminds me to stay positive and to do my best to make others around me feel good too.  Thanks Soulflower for always finding creative ways to spread the good vibe!

Also, here’s a tutorial on how you can double these headbands up for a fresh-fun look: Double Headband Magic

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