The winds are blowing in the cold Appalachia, I love being cozy in my Snowflake Fleece Leggings!  Since I’m a long time yoga practitioner and teacher, I’m always looking for pants and leggings to practice in; and as the cold weather began to work it’s way south, I was stoked to see Soulflower get some fleece leggings!

When I first put them on, I was hesitant about the fit.  They are tights, but I thought they might be a bit small.  I contacted Soulflower to ask if the medium might fit me better.  I’m 5’4” 130 lbs.  I have a fairly stout body from lots of outdoor activities, so I can usually wear smalls or mediums.  They told me to hang onto the tights and wear them around and see how they fit after a while, since they thought the mediums would be saggy on me.

Wow, how they transformed to fit my body was way cool!  They are like a second, soft, fleecy skin.  They do not bind or feel uncomfortable in any way, as they have totally formed to my body.  I was afraid they might bind around my hips or not hold up to the stretching and those fears have been completely eradicated.  I’ve been wearing them tons—doing yoga, traveling, hiking, and out to parties and they’ve proven super sturdy, stretchy, and non-binding.

They’ve proven to be versatile too.  I can slip them on for around the house or wear them out on the town.  I’ve even worn them just with a sweater and boots—they look like those tights/jeans things people are wearing these days.  But instead of being some uncomfortable tight thing you squeeze into, they’re super soft and stretchy fleece!  It really feels amazing against your skin.

I’m amazed at how warm these fleece leggings are!  I get cold easy, so I’m pretty picky about what I wear when it’s cold.  I’ve worn them out to a party when it was in the 30’s (fahrenheit) and around the house without heat on, and they kept me plenty cozy.  I didn’t even feel wind come through the fabric.  They’re made of recycled polyester, a fabric that is warmer than cotton.  The way they’re woven makes them the softest polyester item I’ve ever worn, feeling as soft as the softest cotton.  The polyester fabric blocks wind and dries quickly, too.

Finally, the pattern is beautiful and thought provoking.  The title of them is Snowflake, and the snowflakes are made of hearts.  A reminder that snow and water and all things exhibit the qualities that we give it—so be sure and remember to give as much love as you can at all times! These leggings come from Threads 4 Thought, a company that specializes in sustainable eco-fashion.

Thank you, Soulflower and all Soulflower buds!  May all being know peace and be free from suffering!
from Yoga Ventures

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