If you like being comfortable, you will love Soul Flower’s line of pull-over yoga hoodies!  I now have two, and I wonder what I used to wear.  They are like your favorite t-shirt, but in hoody form!  These hoodies are made from a soft blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic polyester.  The cotton makes the fabric soft against your skin while the polyester helps it dry quickly and keeps you warm; making these a great choice for spring and fall or after the sun goes down in summer.  I wore this in a light rain and it didn’t soak the water in and it dried very quickly.   

DSC 0440 - Mehndi Hands Hoody : The Heart Chakra
Give Joy!

These hoodies have a loose fit, (I got the small and it fits juuuuust right) so they are great for pulling on over your yoga wear or over your little party dress as the night grows cooler at a festival or show.  I actually just wore the Mehndi Hands hoody at a spring festival.  It got cooler at night, but not cold, so I wanted something that would keep me just a bit warmer.  The extra coverage and the awesome hood were just the ticket!  Also, because it’s a Soul Flower item, I could add a layer and still have on something cute and fun!

mehndi+heart+hoody - Mehndi Hands Hoody : The Heart Chakra
mehndi hands close up - Mehndi Hands Hoody : The Heart Chakra
Mehndi Heart <3
Take Joy!

The Mehndi Hands graphic is absolutely spectacular.  It’s a beautiful maroon color against the brown hoody.   I have to add that the color of the hoody makes it very convenient for travel and festival wearing because it doesn’t show dirt!  Anyway, the graphic is open hands with a heart inside and the heart chakra symbol inside the heart.  How awesome is that!  It’s located right at the heart chakra too, so it reminds us to act from the heart. Others might be different from us, they might annoy us, but we do our best to love them anyway.  Chakras are able to give and receive energy, so also remember to receive the love that is given to you.  Soul Flower’s love is given to us through their eco-conscious clothing with conscious designs so that as we wear it, we give our love to the world around us!

ajax loader - Mehndi Hands Hoody : The Heart Chakra

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