When I was about 5, I made these little books about the sun.  I colored a sun on each page and wrote down a benefit that the sun provides.  I then walked around my neighborhood door to door and sold them for 10 cents each (and today I am a publisher!)  I am sure that some of my neighbors were going through life drama, and when they opened that door, and I was standing there so innocent and confident with those books, that their troubles momentarily melted away.

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Since then my own life has had its dramas, and I have to continually learn the lesson that I so naively taught then—that no matter what, be sure and carry your own sunshine.  Yoga has been my main tool as an adult to help me learn to be a happier person.  Now, whenever I find myself becoming tense across my face and getting upset about a situation, I go inside and find that ray of light.  I have finally learned that the world will never be exactly as I would will it to be, so I may as well carry my own sunshine.

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Wearing this tank is a good reminder to me to send out the warmth of the sun to the world around me, but it does so while keeping me cool as a cucumber.  This tank is super soft cotton and it feels cool and refreshing on the skin making it a perfect tank for a hot summertime yoga practice.  I love how it is not tight too.  Being a yoga instructor, I have a lot of tight Lycra tanks, which can be hot in the summer.  This tank is loose enough to not be constricting or hot and tight enough to not flop around during a yoga practice.  As a matter of fact, the material of this tank and the Soulflower lounge pants are so nice against the skin, I feel as if I am wearing nothing at all!  I visualize this tank to be a great tank for a mid-day yoga practice during a summer music festival.  You can put it on and lounge around camp to rest up between bands.  Also, I have included a Festival Yoga sequence for you to try at your next festival!  Here ya go buds:

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