Oh, Soul Flower, you’ve stolen my heart again! I’m in love with your whole yoga/loungewear line, and this yoga tank is a true beauty! It’s a visually striking top that is comfortable to wear. I’m stoked that we’re having such warm weather in the South right now so that I can wear it as much as possible! It’s another Soul Flower item that can go anywhere too—yoga class, out on the town, or lounging in the yard to let the sun’s rays warm your shoulders.

yoga+pose+organic+tank - Strike A Pose in the Yoga Organic Tank
Yoga Pose Organic Tank

As you slide the tank on, the first thing you will notice is Soul Flower’s signature soft organic cotton that bathes your skin in luxury. The next thing you will notice is the super comfortable fit. It’s loose in the upper body, which allows room for whatever you have to fill it, and plenty of room for movement. You won’t get uncomfortable underarm binding in this tank!

Another wonderful design feature is the long length, which not only provides good coverage, but it helps the top to stay in place as you move into any position.

yoga+pose - Strike A Pose in the Yoga Organic Tank
Wonderfully long length

The design is gorgeous—a female figure sitting serenely, and she is filled with flowers. The design reminds me of the chakras. The root chakra is her legs and the design climbs up and culminates with her hands above her head in the crown chakra, which, on the shirt is at your heart chakra. This reminds me of our interconnectedness and to act with love toward all beings. Even if you don’t get the whole chakra thing, the design on the shirt reminds you to lift up through your body and be filled with energy. It’s like having a yoga class in the shirt! This is one of the things that I respect about Soul Flower—so much thought goes into all of their designs that they seem to resonate somewhere deep in the sub-conscious.

Adding to the beauty is the dark blue color of the tank. The color blue is said to invoke relaxation. It also goes well with the colors of Soul Flower’s yoga pants, capris, and skirts, so you can mix and match your yoga lounge wear. I know I have been!

The cherry on top is that the top is eco-conscious. It’s made in the USA with GMO free organic cotton and dyed with low impact organic dyes. Thanks for keeping it real, Soul Flower!

The Yoga Pose Organic Tank made me want to do arm balances, so I put together a sequence for you on my blog: http://yogaventures.blogspot.com It’s a great way to start warming and strengthening your body as we head into the active time of year!

 Happy Spring Everyone!

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