The description of the Mulan Hooded Dress states, “This sleeveless mini dress will bring out the powerful warrior woman within you.”  There are many aspects of this ethically made dress from Thailand that makes it do just that!  When you slip on the dress, it immediately conforms to your body in the softest and silkiest way.  The rayon fabric glides against your skin with a silky coolness.  Then you pull up the sturdy hood and stick your hands in the kangaroo pockets as the magic really sets in.  Finally the vibrant, yet earthy colors and the chakra patterns alert the world around you that indeed there is a warrior woman present!

Yes, you heard me right–this dress has every girls dream: a hood and a pocket!  It’s such brilliance.  I believe that is one of the features that will make the Mulan Dress a good choice as we get to the end of summer and head towards fall.

Another aspect of this dress that makes it a good seasonal transition dress is that it goes great by itself with sandals or it also goes well over a top layer, leggings, and boots.

One of the things that attracted me to this dress is the patterns and colors.  There are earthy greens and reds mixed with bright yellows and blues.  All of these colors are tied together through interwoven tribal patterns set against a camouflage looking background.  There is also a pattern that seems to be aligned with the chakras up the center of the body.  The effect was that it made me feel like a female Robin Hood, Durga, Artemis, and Katniss Everdeen all in one.

Warrior women are also sexy and they’re not afraid to show a little skin!  The open back is a tasteful, yet sexy way to do so.  I can actually be shy about clothes that are too revealing, and I found the open back to show just the right amount.

For sizing, I’m often between a small and a medium—I order both sizes from companies and sometimes one fits better.  With this dress, I found the medium dress to fit me better than the small.

I paired the Mulan Hooded Dress with the hand-crafted Gypsy Jingle anklet.  The multi-colored beads and the sturdy bells do make this anklet gypsy and jingle!  I’m a fan of anklets and I often break or lose them.  I have found this one to be sturdy enough for this wild, warrior, gypsy woman!  It’s also adjustable so it will fit larger and smaller ankles.

This summer, I’ve been teaching girls at summer camp to kayak and helping them find their inner power and overcome their deepest fears.  I took the photos of the Mulan Hooded Dress at summer camp with this warrior woman theme to inspire you to teach our young girls to have power and confidence.  They are amazing and strong:  all you have to do is tell them and they will know it’s true.  Then look out, because they can do some amazing things!

from the Yoga Ventures blog

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