This is a bag for the mama warrior on the go. You know how “mom” bags look really corny and sedate? I remember browsing diaper bags while I was pregnant and thinking, “No. No. No. None of these will do.” Here’s the thing, you don’t need a “mom” bag to carry all of your mom gear.

The Field of Dreams bag is 10” by 15”, which means it can fit your diapers, your wallet, your phone and keys (there’s a handy inside zippered pocket), a spare onesie, some snacks, and all of those other mysterious things we end up carrying in the bottom of our bags (hey how did this dead beetle and random doll dress get in here?) But when you close up the 100% cotton canvas messenger style flap it all disappears.  The straps are made from cotton webbing and the closures are antique brass turnbuckles so this bag is strong and can put up with a lot of abuse, travel, weather, and kid goop.

The best part is, instead of a corny kitten and calico fabric screaming to the world that yes, you are a human napkin and milk wagon, there’s a very cool mandala on an army green background. You can be you. You can be hip and stylish and still carry all of the trappings of parenthood.

The bag name kind of made me giggle. I remember the movie Field of Dreams. And I may have even taken a road trip as a teenager to said field in Iowa just to play a game of catch with my best friend. Those were good times, young and free. But I gotta tell ya, this bag is serving a very different field for me these days. I like to think that the subtle military theme is very appropo for a young parent. Yes, you are in the trenches now. Wear your bag with honor and soldier on. May it serve you well.

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