I take my role as Hippie Mama Clothing Tester quite seriously. When I got the Nouveau Soulflower Eco Tee I put it through the paces.  I didn’t just wear it, I have been living in it. Here’s what happened. I put it on and fell in love. It was one of those shirts that made me say “ahhhhhhh” when I put it on. It’s so soft and fit just right on my mama of two kids frame.

So I have been wearing it. And wearing it. And wearing it. And truth be told I don’t always wash it between wearing again and again. It’s my go-to tee these days and it’s takes a licking and keeps on looking fabulous. I have had baby spit on it, dead crab bits brought to me by my 7-year old son, I have spilled my kombucha all over it, I have been doused in sea spray, and I have sweat my fair share in this crazy summer heat. But this shirt still looks like new!

Then for grins I went and read about how it was made. The shirt is 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled p.e.t.  Seriously, how cool is that? I am wearing old plastic bottles that might have otherwise ended up in the landfill. No wonder it’s looking so good! And now I feel good too knowing it’s made of all kinds of good things, especially since I have a little one right next to me and the tee all the time.

Living in the small confines of a sailboat we cannot keep a lot of anything, especially clothes. But this little baby will make the cut and go around the world with us!

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