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Mandala Burnout Tunic

Hey there Buds!

Crazy past couple of months with school starting, getting back to Hawaii, trying to find a place to live, moving in, starting a new job, realizing my roommates and I aren’t a good fit, trying to get out of the lease, finding a new place and settling in again DURING MIDTERMS!!! Whew…glad that’s over with…

There’s always a silver lining to every cloud, though. I have met some truly awesome people this semester and thank the universe every day for making our paths cross. It’s crazy how during the hardest of times you see people’s true colors, which could be bad, but also can be incredibly bright. One of the people who I consider an angel, along with her boyfriend, have helped me more times than I can count and asked nothing in return. They are simply happy to have my company, or at least they say they are ;). Another friend reminds what it means to be strong and stand on your own even though the road is rocky at times, she teaches me with her actions every day. Of course, there is the crazy radical (puts me to shame!) who is there to challenge authority and challenge me to get to that next level of understanding. Of course, my family has been there every step of the way! My dad flew out here a few days after I called home to help me get out of that awful living situation, I don’t know what I would do without him or my mom who helped from the sidelines and held the fort down while he was gone.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can’t dwell on the negatives in life. Of course bad things happen and goodness knows I’ve punched a wall or two in frustration, however, I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason. That’s why I like my Mandala Burnout Tee, the design reminds me that the universe is cyclical and our lives are just part of its cycle.

This tunic is a great length, I love shirts that can act as a cover up at the beach (like I said in my Headdress article). It works great for a yoga session, or just lounging around in your yoga pants. I can wear it to a nice dinner with the right skirt or I could wear it to class with some jeans. It’s not a snug fit but it isn’t lose either, it fits like a shirt you’ve washed a bit but is still relatively new, which makes it snug in all the right place and loose in the places you need some extra wiggle room. The fabric is thin and lightweight and very soft, however it could be a bit see through. It’s fine if you don’t wear a neon pink or green bra with it ;p

Mahalo buds!

And let someone know that you’re grateful for having them in your life, yeah?

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The Strength to Be Yourself

Hey Buds, here’s a thought:

Be yourself.

Easy enough to read and remind ourselves, but how many of us actually live it?

New school year, new apartment, new classes, all opportunities to reinvent myself; who will I be this year? Do I even want to create a new persona? Everyone at some point in their lives has used different circumstances to create a new version of themselves, yet, do any of us truly have a grasp on who we are?

Let’s take my love affair with fashion, for example. Since middle school I’ve been flipping through pages of Vogue getting ideas for the next day’s outfit. I wore some crazy-wild-things trying to translate what I saw on the runway to my school’s hallway. Sure, I got some stares and snickers but most of the time I got compliments, some for the outfit and some for the guts to where it when anyone who wasn’t wearing jeans and a tee was fair game to poke fun at. I even saw some girls wearing the same outfit I had worn the day before. I used each day as an opportunity to experiment and reinvent the way people saw me through bold attire. Through the years, I’ve kept the boldness and tried to translate it into every aspect of my life.

In high school, it was very…hmm, how should I say this…interesting going to a private school in South Orange County, California. I pride myself on being Latina and of Native American descent, and I never expected to be in an environment where diversity was at an all-time low. My freshman year some seniors decided it would be funny to yell across the PE field that all I would ever amount to was a maid, given my background, and that their rooms had better be clean before they got home. I didn’t care that these “young men” (who had a lot of growing up to do) were at the top of the social ladder, I gave them a piece of my mind and confronted the Dean of Students. “Is this really the perspective you’re allowing your students to graduate with?” Apologies and conferences ensued, but all I wanted to do is show my peers that I wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed of who I am or where I came from.

It wasn’t until college that I learned that I didn’t have to create a new persona every day, like in middle school, and that being myself – an insane mix of qualities – could be attractive. I owned up to my craziness, or as I like to call it eccentricity, and the more I acknowledged my little quirks the more confident I became.

Now, I take pride in my Latina curves and my insatiable appetite for clothes. I know that I learn through creative processes and doodling next to my notes, making songs, and listening to classical music help me do better on my tests. I know that I love learning and I’ll never satisfy my need to ask Why. I know that I love Elvis and John Lennon, even though those two did not see eye to eye. I know my values include peace, respect, and an overall love for our small fragile planet and those living on it. I believe that individually we can make a huge impact and together we can change the world.

And I know that having the strength to “be yourself” gives you strength to stand up for what you believe.

This shirt is a little reminder that there are a lot of phonies out there and if everyone’s acting fake the real one’s are the individuals. So put on those colorful tights, wear your “Save Japan Dolphins” tee, write that controversial article, and sign that petition. Yeah, people will smirk and snicker but more importantly people will see you as an example, strong and confident, and no one can take that away from you.





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Hometown Tourist – Hippie Dress

Hey Buds! Making the best of this wonderful sunshine?

So I got a little piece of the islands with me for the past couple weeks. My friend from school decided to fly out all the way from Dallas, Texas to hang out with me in Southern California.

I have to admit, it’s a little exciting to be a tourist in your hometown. If you haven’t tried it, you really should! We tried heading out to the beach but it was so cold and the clouds were so thick we ended up turning around and heading straight for the pool. Not before getting an acai bowl, though! ;]

We went to Disneyland for a few days and normally I’ll go a little later, hop on a few rides, catch a bite to eat, and head out.

Not this time.

We woke up early and were one of the first people in the park! We spent all day there, only taking a small break for lunch and a quick nap at the hotel room then back to the Disney magic ‘til well after midnight. Needless to say I brought all my Soul-flower goodies with me so I was comfy and cool but still looking like the artist I like to call myself.

Those of you in California know all about our beautiful missions. Most have somewhat dark histories and as a Native American I pride myself on learning the stories of my tribes as well as those around them. Any trip to Southern California is just not complete without a trip to the San Juan Capistrano Mission. All you flower and garden enthusiasts out there will have a ball!

To match this dazzling backdrop I decided to wear something captivating as well, my new Cutting Floor Hippie Dress. Just added a cute little sun hat and I was ready.

I think it goes without saying that I love airy and flow-y clothes because they’re lightweight and easy to move around in. I always want to be comfy! (I’ve been putting my pj’s on at three in the afternoon since I was in second grade.)

As you know from my last posts, my legs are short. So when I put on the dress I was surprised to see that it hit about two inches above my ankle. Normally, I like when the length of my clothes are longer than the length of my legs but after I started moving around in the dress I realized it was a lot easier to move at this length. The colors are very bold and they don’t fade a bit in the wash (trust me I wear this dress once a week!). There are two loops at the back of the dress so you can tie it like a tank top, zig-zag, or even a halter. I suggest tying the straps in a bow before it goes in the wash, they’re a bit thin and very delicate. Each one is unique and I love that mine has a red and yellow border at the top even though the dress is very blue. The versatility is awesome; I can tie my hair back and wear it on a casual and laid back day or wear my hair down throw on some dressy shoes and go somewhere fancy!

Well, buds, have fun wherever the universe is taking you! Next time I post I’ll be back in Hawaii!
‘Til then,
Lauren ☮

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Burnout Tank Top.. or is it a tunic?

Hey Buds!

Howzit? Just spent a wonderful Earth Day in the sun at Sandy Beach in Oahu and wore my Headdress Racerback Tank all day. When I got the shirt in the mail I was a little surprised at the length, it could work really well as a mini-dress as well as a tank top or tunic. It’s also a bit more see-through on the grey parts but it works really well, and isn’t revealing in any way. I love the material, which has definitely become a trend in the clothes I get from Soul-flower. It is ridiculously comfy which makes it easy to wear to any event and know that you look good.

I absolutely love the versatility of the shirt. In the morning I paired it with some rolled up shorts as an easy outfit to ride the bus in. After playin’ in the surf and seeing some awesome turtles floating out on the reef, I took a quick shower and dried off a bit and threw the shirt on as a cover up. It worked quite well and I got a lot of compliments on it.

Since we worked up an appetite being at the beach all day we stopped in Kailua town to grab a quick bite to eat. I put the shorts back on, threw on a light jacket, and a feathery headband and was ready to walk around town.

This shirt is definitely “the bee’s knees” as my friend would say. It has become a key piece in my wardrobe and I will be sure to grab this tank first whenever I’m heading out on a trip somewhere.

Hope you’re having a good time wherever the universe is taking you!

Lauren ☮

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Review: Stir It Up – island style!


What’s up buds? Just writing to tell you about myself and the awesome Stir It Up Halter Dress. I love this dress! Not only is the name absolutely wonderful (bringin’ back memories of Bob Marley playing on the radio at a beach on Catalina Island) but it’s so comfy! I’m definitely a low-maintenance kind of girl so this dress makes it easy to look good without the fuss. The material is super soft and almost feels like my favorite pj’s, it’s also very thin and light which makes it perfect for twirling. The dress hits right above the knees on me, but I’m a bit shorter than most, and the elastic at the top is tight enough to dance the night away without worrying about indecent exposure. Normally I don’t care for clothing that is tight around my neck (I cut all my t-shirts and never wear scarves) but the ties on this dress are very comfortable and after a few minutes I didn’t notice them at all.

So how does this dress represent me? Well, the print reminds me of seashells or ocean waves, and those of you who read the last post know that the ocean is my passion. I love learning new things and the ocean is so full of mystery the possibilities of discovery are endless! I draw my creative energy from hours spent floating and swimming over the waves in Kailua and this dress allows me to bring that serenity with me.

Hope you all are having a great time going wherever the universe is taking you! Make sure to get this dress so you’ll have fun on all your adventures (and you’ll be comfy too!)

Peace, buds!
Lauren ☮

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