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Three Little Branches to Spring


011+(2)+(3) - Three Little Branches to Spring
littlebranchestee - Three Little Branches to Spring
The neon/ pastel colors on a basic grey shirt, is so brilliant

So all the snow has finally melted, I’m not sure if it is officially spring yet, but it feels like it. For me when all the snow is melted, and the weather is tolerable, then it is officially spring. And once I got my 3 Little Branches Eco T- Shirt in the mail, then I knew I really needed to get out and celebrate this warm weather, and the happiness the sun brings. I love this top, the second I saw it I about died, the neon/ pastel colors on a basic grey shirt, is so brilliant, along with the Henna-like design, it is just so bright and happy. The swirls of the leaves reminded me a bit of Native American dream catchers. After pairing the eco-friendly top with mint green jeans, I knew I had the perfect shoes to wear. I got these striped tribal moccasins thrifted and they finished the look. With my camera in hand and my sunglasses on I knew just where I wanted to spend the afternoon.

003+(2)+(2) - Three Little Branches to Spring
009+(2)+(2) - Three Little Branches to Spring
017+(2)+(2) - Three Little Branches to Spring
019+(2)+(2) - Three Little Branches to Spring

There is this little historical monument I have been to a few times, and have always been inspired by the old western feel and look of things. The spring makes me feel like taking a road trip to Texas or Arizona, I want to go to an old ghost town, or visit a amazing gift shop with beaded necklaces and dream catchers. The texture and color of this little building is amazing, ranging from the old log house with its grainy, weather-worn stained wood, the canvas embellished tee-pees to the adobe house with its curved clay shingles. So much history around us, so much history uncovered in the spring, and so much history awaiting us.

3 Little Branches Eco T-Shirt – A Soul Flower Original

Remember back in the winter, when I talked about snow, and how it blankets and conceals everything? You can easily forget what is buried underneath, like buried treasure or historical relics, it may take time, or a bit of digging to discover what happened in the past, and what was buried there. But eventually spring will come, the leaves with sprout, and things will get better. I am so happy for this weather, this time of year. Be sure to get outside and enjoy it, you waited all winter for today, at least I did!

029+(2)+(2) - Three Little Branches to Spring
031+%25283%2529 - Three Little Branches to Spring

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The Best BFF Bracelets

My best friend’s name is Audrey Louise, my name is Hannah Louise; this was our first bonding experience. We have been best friends for five years, and she is a beautiful light in my life. Since she is so special, I wanted to get her something really special. I had gotten her a few cool things, but nothing that meant anything to our relationship. I wanted it to be something from my heart, that she could look at daily and think about us. That’s what I found in these beautifully handmade Funky Friendship Bracelets. She LOVED hers!

best+friends+forever - The Best BFF Bracelets
funky+friendship+bracelets - The Best BFF Bracelets
Besties for LIFE!

Each of the bracelets were colored right to our personalities; vibrant and beautiful! We couldn’t get enough of holding each others hands to put them together. They are comfortable to wear and we each wear ours every day; it bonds us together and reminds us that we each have a best friend that is there for the other one no matter what. Even though we may live far apart now, I know that she still has my back; and I can feel her constant love, even hundreds of miles away.

love+my+best+friend - The Best BFF Bracelets

If I am ever feeling lonely, or like I have no where to turn; I just hold up my wrist and realize that I have a best friend, forever. I will never be alone, I will always have someplace to turn. She is a part of my family, and I love her like no other. Miles can’t destroy what we have, and our bracelets are there as a reminder if we are ever in doubt.

best+friend+bracelet - The Best BFF Bracelets
wide+friendship+bracelet - The Best BFF Bracelets
Funky friends forever!

Even though we are miles apart, these BFF Bracelets will always connect our hearts  I love you Audrey Louise.

Peace & Happiness Buds,
Give your BFF a good squeeze; whenever you get the opportunity.
xo, Hannah Louise

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Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress

Soul Flower knows their tie dye! Who can resist bright, bold colors like pink and green? Add in the earthy brown and you’ve got yourself one fun piece of clothing that gives off good vibes. I picked out this skirt because I needed to brighten up my winter!

tiedye+skirt+dress - Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress
It can also be worn as a dress! 🙂
watermelon+tiedye - Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress

If you’ve got the winter blues, prepare to have them chased away. I wore this in the snow and I was still comfy. This organic tie-dye skirt is long enough to keep your legs warm this season and will transition well into the summer. The large band at the waist even makes it possible to pull up and turn into a dress! You will be wearing this one all year long. It’s great whether you want to lounge around or go out and have some fun.

IMG 0086 - Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress

This skirt is a Soul Flower original, and as you know, soul-flower is awesome about supporting a healthy environment. This skirt was made with organic cotton and low-impact dyes, and it’s Fair Trade!

My Slightly Stoopid – Officer cover! 🙂
soul+snow - Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress
IMG 0097 - Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress
Thank you for this amazing skirt, soul-flower!

Peace & Love,

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Blue Jean Baby, L.A. Lady

Because I am always altering old t-shirts, and sewing knits, I have been wanting a serger for some time. So after saving, and after some Christmas money, I got an early present. I must say I have been sewing on it daily, and feel a bit like that tiny dancer girl, you know “seamstress for the band”? I figured a day of sewing and embroidery would be a perfect occasion to wear the L.A. Lady Blue Jean Shirt. It is relaxed, comfy, made in the USA, and I love the lyrical reference, love the song, and just love the clever blue jean button up.

blue+jean+shirt - Blue Jean Baby, L.A. Lady
Love dressing up this blue jean button up

blue+jean+top) - Blue Jean Baby, L.A. Lady
Dig the tie-dyed jean

I have been thinking in strings of  lights lately, my thoughts scrambled in between colorful lights. I want to cover everything in glitter, and cover every inch of my house in lights. I have been working on embellishing this grey t-shirt I have, with rows and rows of colorful thread, it reminds me of colorful rays of light.

how+to+style+blue+jean+shirt - Blue Jean Baby, L.A. Lady
stylish+blue+jean - Blue Jean Baby, L.A. Lady
Looks great layered or on its own

The other week my husband tells me he has a surprise, and to get my coat. I figure we are just looking at something outside, but we proceed to get in the car, drive a while, and we pull up to a house covered, I mean COVERED in lights, it was beautiful I don’t think I have ever seen anything so colorful! He changes the station, and the lights are perfectly orchestrated to the music, blinking in and out with the song, changing colors, and pulsing out the rhythm and bringing each song to life. It was so inspiring, made me want to go home and create, be inspired, and finish up my rainbow tee so I could wear it with my jean top, as they would be perfect together.

Hope everyone had a colorful & bright holiday season & a happy new year!


Tiny Dancer

 Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band
Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you’ll marry a music man
Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand
And now she’s in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand
Jesus freaks out in the street
Handing tickets out for God
Turning back she just laughs
The boulevard is not that bad
Piano man he makes his stand
In the auditorium
Looking on she sings the songs
The words she knows, the tune she hums
But oh how it feels so real
Lying here with no one near
Only you, and you can hear me
When I say softly, slowly
Hold me closer tiny dancer
Count the headlights on the highway
Lay me down in sheets of linen
you had a busy day today
Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band
Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you’ll marry a music man
Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand
And now she’s in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand
But oh how it feels so real
Lying here with no one near
Only you, and you can hear me
When I say softly, slowly
– Elton John

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Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review

I’ve always had scarves made out of wool or other heavy fabrics, so when I wear them, I immediately take them off when I get to my destination. Not with this scarf! I find the cotton so soft and cozy that it’s great to wear inside as well as outside. I even find myself planning my outfits around the scarf so that I can showcase the art everywhere I go.

organic+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
totem+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
soul+flower+organic+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
The Triple Totem Organic Scarf kept me warm & peaceful 

I was a little skeptical about it’s ability to keep me warm, however, so I decided to go for a hike on a cold, windy day and see how well it did. Well, it was a little colder and windier than I had anticipated, and I found myself up on the mountaintop without enough layers, so I really got to put this scarf to the test! I was really glad that I had the scarf with me because it was the saving grace that kept me warm that day. I wrapped it around my arms sometimes as well as wearing it traditionally around my neck. I am no longer skeptical about its warming abilities!

organic+scarf lg - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
Triple Totem Organic Scarf
totem+organic+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review

This made-in-the-USA scarf is not only amazingly soft and cozy; it’s a beautiful Soulflower original piece of art as well. The material is 100% organic cotton and low impact dyed to a beautiful red wine color. The artwork on the scarf is amazing and thought provoking, as is the usual with Soulflower. It brings in elements of art from different cultures such as Indian and Native American to give it a worldly feel and message. The scarf begs to be worn to art and wine parties, to yoga class, on a mountaintop for meditation, and really anywhere you feel like wearing it; because it’s not only beautiful, it’s functional and durable.


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Clothing that Represents Change

This Organic Robin Hoody Tunic is more than just a comfortable tunic in a beautiful color. This piece of clothing represents change, and a step in the right direction taken by people who not only have a desire to make the planet better, but who take initiative and make it happen!

ERC007alt1 lg - Clothing that Represents Change

Buds, I’m grateful to have a store like to provide me with wonderful brands like Earth Creations. This company makes their clothing with sustainable fabrics, such as organic hemp and cotton. Feel better and healthier knowing that your garment is free of any pesticides that could harm you or mother earth’s water sources. When it comes to dyes, no worries here; natural dyes (like clay) and low impact dyes are used instead of the usual toxic dyes and contaminating salt found in “conventional” clothing.
And another bonus is that this company supports made in the USA.

Jammin’ out to Scarlet Begonias – Sublime & Grateful Dead Cover in my Organic Robin Hoody Tunic!

This hemp tunic in particular is lovely. In addition to being guilt free it is so cute and comfortable. It has pockets, a hood, and long sleeves to keep you warm on those cold days (and at the same time, you don’t get overbearingly hot!). The cool buttons and details make it a stylish piece. Go for this tunic and support two awesome companies while looking great!

ERC007alt3 lg - Clothing that Represents Change

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Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter

Searching for an epicly amazing skirt has been quite a challenge! I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to skirting me. I believe it stems from having no hips – none, nada, negative, zilch, zero and my opinion that clothing, especially skirts and dresses, lay nicer and flow better as they meet those cute curves a long the way.

ruffleskirtSF - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter
Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt! MWAH!

Now, I accept me for who I am hips or no hips but since I’m on the subject, (and having fun), along with this hiplessness tragedy, there’s another… resembling a bell. I like bells, on buildings, churches, when it was recess in grade school, or when it’s time to eat but not so much on my body. Ya see, negative hips combined with a bell flare seems to spell double trouble – Bellness to the maximus. Oh dear.

rufflerskirtSF3s - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter
<3 Beautiful color combo of purple, brown, and gray <3

So, hunting for that perfect skirt has been a journey, a journey that ended with Soul-Flowers most amazing fitting duds. I was hopeful when the new fall catalog came out and with much anticipation I perused the pages and saw something that delighted my eyes! The most epicly wonderful skirt ever, the new Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt!

So, I got one! WARM & COMFORTABLE! The only way to have winter clothing PLUS I just feel happier when I’m comfy! And, oh! The color! The fuzzy ruffle skirt has a cool color combo – purple, brown, gray and black too! It’s beyond soft and has a neat heathery, cozy cool fabric and freakin swirls!!!! How in the world? Swirls built right in! That’s just wickedly wonderful for superb movement, dimension and twirl! 🙂 I like my fuzzy skirt best with boots of any kind – dressy, riding or rugged. It’s super easy to dress this skirt up or down due to the style and fabric. I am crazy about it because it’s even better then wearing my pajama pants! It’s not every day I can find something that can compare to pj comfort and a skirt of all things?! Pretty stellar!

RUFFLESKIRTSF6sm+(2) - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter
This skirt is SO soft and SWIRLY!

 I’m glad I’ve finally found it! A great skirt with a great fit for all bodies. YAY!

Happy skirt wearing!

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Hippie Burlesque Skirt : Live in the Moment

I feel like I can’t get enough apples this fall, you would think after spending the last few weeks drying bushels of apples, making cinnamon apples, and pies I would have had my fill of apples for the year. But after getting the Hippie Burlesque Organic Skirt all I can think of are caramel apples. Luckily I still have a little basket of apples, and a bag of caramels.

soul+flower+photo+shoot+092 - Hippie Burlesque Skirt : Live in the Moment


soul+flower+photo+shoot+077+(3) - Hippie Burlesque Skirt : Live in the Moment
Hippie Burlesque Organic Skirt

When you think of fall do you think of food? I can’t stop dreaming of cinnamon doughnuts, hot cocoa, pumpkin pie, peppermint ice cream, all those seasonal special treats. That’s how I think fall should be special, its seasonal, its unique, its beautiful and it comes and goes too fast. Its fleeting, if you don’t take a minute to sit down, play in the leaves, smell the campfire, and pick some apples, they will be gone before you know it. Its a challenge, to live in the moment, and breathe it all in.

soul+flower+photo+shoot+147 - Hippie Burlesque Skirt : Live in the Moment
It’s a challenge to live in the moment and breathe it all in

Fall officially feels like it has arrived, I love the seasons, I love the holidays, the family, the food, and I love the clothes. I love layering, mixing and playing with darker colors, I love leggings, sweaters, and boots. Looking over the Soul-Flower fall catalog, I was so inspired by the layering, the gloves, hats, and leggings, that I had to create an outfit that had the same details, I think any color leggings are perfect under dresses or skirts, I wear them as the warmest tights, they make any outfit ready for the chilly weather. I also love layering knits, they are so easy and cozy, you feel ready to take on the cold weather, and explore.

soul+flower+photo+shoot+013+(2) - Hippie Burlesque Skirt : Live in the Moment
This organic skirt is perfect for fall and winter because it looks great with warm layers

I love my new Hippie Burlesque Organic Skirt the color is so rich, it reminds me of warm apple cider, cranberry sauce  red velvet cake with a bit of egg nog, its like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one. This skirt will be my go to piece this fall, it fits into whatever i’m doing, its flexible, comfy, and has a bit of that holiday spirit I live for. Bring on the leaves, bring on the snow!

I am ready to soak up the season.

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Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long

Oh Autumn, you go so well with my Lotus Stack Organic Maxi! With your beautiful colors and the slight chill of the season, you make my outfit so easy.
lotus+skirt - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
soul+flower+original+skirt - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
This Skirt Dances to the Song that is Autumn!
This skirt brought comfort from my travels up north to Cape Cod all the way down to Stoney Brook State Park in upstate New York; all while bringing great color to my already beautiful surroundings. It swayed and danced in the ocean breeze of the Cape and kept me warm in the brisk air; I loved how it felt as the wind whipped it around. There’s something about being on an empty beach in front of a beautiful windy sea; with your hair swirling and the waves crashing, I couldn’t have picked a more perfect skirt for the occasion. I took a deep breath of salty air and felt so thankful and happy.
fall+walk - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
fall+scenery - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
I wore the skirt again hiking with my dogs in Stony Brook State Park. I rolled it up so my knees could lift easier and to keep it out of the water. The lotus flowers go all the way down to the bottom of the skirt, so it looked great at a shorter length too. It was a warm day and it kept me cool enough all the way into the evening, and when the temperature dropped I rolled it back down to keep me warm throughout the rest of the night.
lotus+flower+skirt - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
Roll the waistband for a shorter skirt!
I like the skirt a lot, I think its just lovely, and it’s so wonderfully versatile. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to look good, while being able to relax and be yourself.
lotus+flower+maxi+skirt - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Skirt
I hope you are all appreciating this beautiful season and taking advantage of these last few warm, sunny days. There is so much to be thankful for and so much to smile about. Look around, the world is beautiful; and so are you.
Peace & Happiness to You All,

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Handmade Paisley Hat

Fall. A season like no other here in Iowa. I wait all year just to shoot photos and paint images of the colorful variations in the rolling hills. Equally as marvelous is to simply roam around admiring the beautiful multi-colored swirls in a single leaf. Life is changing all around. Hues of yellowy golds, reds, rust and copper are rushing in and they are simply breath taking! How interesting are trees anyway? Their ability to begin conserving energy for the long winter ahead – triggering their leaves to turn these amazing shades before they “fall”. Fascinating really, just another living organism going through their own cycles in life, just like us.

sfsixpence2+(2) - Handmade Paisley Hat
Heart the side bow!
While the cycle of falls outdoor color has me thrilled to no end, there’s another cycle brewing in my closet! Time to change my wardrobe! It’s a joyous process really, getting to break out warmer clothing I had forgotten I owned (like my ol’ Soul-Flower winter favs) and even making a few trips to recycle warm items someone else can enjoy. This seasonal change also means adding some new things into the mix and getting to wear more layers, jackets, boots and hats. YES, HATS! I love hats, but only really great fitting ones and yeppers the Soul-Flowers new Sixpence Paisley Hatis in that group! It is the bees knees! This hat is perfect for fall and for my love of it’s warm colors which are all gathered together by pretty paisley designs. The Sixpence Paisley blends in perfectly with all the outdoor scenery and I now get to enjoy wearing the colors I enjoy see everywhere!  

sfsixpence1s - Handmade Paisley Hat
It seriously goes with everything!
 The features on this years hat model includes a super cute little green/blue bow and soft velvety fabric that make it perfect for wearing with dressier duds. Just the same the relaxed style of the Sixpence Paisley keeps it laid back and chill enough for casualdays. I‘ve realized in my hat quest that NOT all are created equal and have come cross many a hat that fail to look or fit “right” once on my head but I’m quite convinced that this handmade style is a good fit for anyone! The little miss sixpence is also really fun to wear when you add your own style flare! I like to wear mine with the brim just a tad off to the right side combined with a little forward tilt. So, if you’re a hat wearer, need a hat for the occasional bad hair day or just want to try something new, this hat’s for you!

sfsixpence3 - Handmade Paisley Hat
Sixpence Paisley Hat, handmade in the USA
Hats off to ya,

P.S. I’ve had so many people come up and ask me about this hat – moms for themselves and their daughters, grandmothers and even guys for their gals! They all agree – great style, cool fit and of course unique colors and pattern! So, get it while you can…I’m just sayin! 🙂

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Falling Leaves & Cherry Blossoms

I grew up in the beautiful state of Michigan, I have moved various times since then, but for me Michigan will always remind me of growing up, and the simple beauty of nature. My afternoons were spent with my best friend, exploring the woods in her back yard, on camp-outs we would collect leafs, twigs, and acorns and build tiny “fairy” homes.
007+(2) - Falling Leaves & Cherry Blossoms
Organic, fleece lined Cherry Blossom Tunic

Lazy summer days we would sprawl out in our backyard reading under our cherry tree. This wasn’t any ordinary cherry tree, it was a mix between a weeping willow and a cherry tree, so the long branches would almost create a pink, flowery curtain encircling us, and on windy days tiny petals would rain down like confetti, sprinkling the ground with papery pink pieces.

When I saw the Mod Cherry Tunic I was instantly reminded of those happy days. Even the design is so childlike, the large pockets, the jumper style and the wide collar, reminds me of something a cute little girl with pig-tails and ribbons would wear, it is so youthful and fun. The moment I got it I knew it would be a perfect outfit to wear while exploring and playing in the fall leaves.

My backyard now reminds me of my childhood memories, our house is older and tiny, and we have a few old trees that practically take over our yard, there branches create a green golden canopy and if it is windy, you might find a few leaves swirling around, almost like my cherry blossom days as a child.

There is something beautiful about the simplicity of nature, the colors of fall leaves, a whole rainbow of hues a gift from nature. I guess this little trip outside reminded me how beautiful fall can be, how amazing it is that I can find a million different shades of green in my own backyard, and to remember the happiness you can experience in little things.

Beautiful embroidery! 

Maybe it is the rainy weather, maybe it is a dogs sloppy kiss, or maybe it is a warm cozy sweater, whatever it is, breathe it in, let it remind you of the good and help you forgive the bad. Because there is nothing better than feeling like a child again.

For further info check out my blog Latter Day Style where I have a video review of the Cherry Blossom Tunic and my latest Soul Flower wishlist! 🙂

Happy fall,

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Walkin’ On Sunshine & Feeling Good


SFSUNSINEDREAMs+(2) - Walkin' On Sunshine & Feeling Good
SFSUNSHINEDREAM2s - Walkin' On Sunshine & Feeling Good
Walkin on Sunshine Eco Hoody

When the air starts to get crisp and the warmth of the sun begins to fade, its a Soul-Flower hoody I reach for! This past weekend I put my newest member to the test. It’s great to have a free day and my meandering Saturday landed me in a touristy area full of shops, an old train and way cool outdoor art! Of course my Walkin’ on Sunshine hoody accompanied me. I started the morning with it wrapped around my waste, by afternoon I was delighted to put it on and by sunset I was zipped up and hooded! Perfect fall day progression! 🙂

WALKINSF4s - Walkin' On Sunshine & Feeling Good

I ordered the small, it’s a great fit with room for a t-shirt or two underneath. It’s a great cut, a little more length in the torso (a plus) and a good (not too long not to short) length to the sleeves. I love the purpley, fuchsia color to pieces! Ya know, whatever goes into these sweatshirt creations, (the particular way they are designed/made), I hope that mold never breaks! The sweatshirt hoodies from SF are truly some of the cutest, softest, greatest fitting hoodies I’ve found. I’m in total comfort wearing one and as far as I can see, (in a world according to hoodies), nothing else fits quite to a T!

WALKINSF1s - Walkin' On Sunshine & Feeling Good

Now about that sun!! I really dig the design of the large orangey/yellow sun decal on back and the awesome saying. It got me thinking about great sun inspired saying and lyrics and just then, I came across a John Lennon painted wall i.e. ” Here Comes the Sun.” It was Kismet! Can we ever get enough of that glorious 4.6 billion year old, life giving fire ball? Not a chance!

WALKSF2s+%25282%2529 - Walkin' On Sunshine & Feeling Good
I really dig the design! 

Adding Walkin’ on Sunshine to my hoody roster has been fun and even entertaining! You’ll find yourself singing Katrina and The Waves lyrics every time you wear it! Strangely, it seems to inspire people around you to do the same. Which is pretty cool, really. Like spreading a little cheer and sunshine every where you go! I think maybe this Walkin’ on Sunshine SF hoody has been cleverly engineered to impact the world positively by that very thing…bringing smile and song to everyone! An uplifting message like “Walkin’ on Sunshine”,  the use of recycled plastic and organic cotton...heck we are well on our way to making this world an even brighter, sing-a-long kind of place! YAY!

Sing! Sing out loud!
~ Woo

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Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion

When the weather starts to cool down, I start wanting to wear some favorites: tall boots and long-sleeves.  It’s just one of the pleasures of fall for most females!  I’m always looking for long-sleeved t-shirts for my wardrobe, and this Soulflower tunic caught my eye.

organic+long+sleeve+tunic - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion

What I love most about tunics is how versatile they are.  You can wear them with jeans as a t-shirt or put in on over your yoga clothes and add boots to go out on the town after class.  As the weather gets cold, you can put it on over long johns just for lounging or for going out.

spirit+tree+organic+tunic - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion
Spirit Tree Organic Tunic

Since this is a Soulflower tunic, it’s made of soft GMO-free, organic cotton and is made to be just as comfortable and simple as it is beautiful.  The shape is cut to accentuate the female figure.   But the material is soft, so it’s non-binding.   The result is a tunic that is flirty and fun, yet comfy like lounge clothes.  In fact, the thing about Soulflower is that it seems like they make all of their designs as if they are lounge clothes as well as going out clothes.  It’s awesome because you can feel good if you’re just lounging around the house, yet be ready to go out in a hurry.  So you can wear the clothes for multiple purposes, such as lounging, going to class and work, yoga class, out for a hike or bike ride, and out on the town.  It’s also so nice to go out and still feel snuggly and comfy in your clothes.

organic+spirit+tree - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion
Honor nature

This tunic is not just for fall and winter, either.  It can be worn with leggings and sandals in the spring and as a bathing suit cover-up in the summer.  So many options!

As things change in this world, I am always looking to buy stuff made in the USA that is low impact on our environment.  The Soulflower line is made in the USA and dyed with low-impact dyes.  Thanks Soulflower for bringing it home and keeping it clean!

spirit+tree+tunic - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion
Love trees!

Soulflower’s graphics always astound me.  The designs are beautiful, yet simple, and they reflect nature and have positive messages to inspire those that wear them and those that get to see you wear them.  Their designs always have the effect of stopping someone to let you know how cool it is and how good you look.   Every piece of clothing represents the art of mindfulness, presence, and thoughtfulness.

I chose this tunic because I love trees!  The tree design and the color of the tunic are to remind us of the spirit of the tree.  Trees live in harmony with their environment.  They live much longer than we do generally, so they have much wisdom to teach us if we learn to slow down and listen.  This fall season is the time to get out and listen to the trees!

organic+yoga+fashion - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion

These photos were taken in Pisgah National Forest in the Laurentian forests that inhabit the tops of these Southern mountains.  We’ve lost many of the species that once thrived here due to invasive insects and diseases.  Be sure and pay attention to what is native in your area and never plant non-native trees and plants in order to prevent the spread of pests.


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SOL945alt2 818x1000 760x570 - Namaste in my Namaste Tank Top

Namaste in my Namaste Tank Top

A running stream, a beautiful waterfall, a quiet forest, and my Namaste Tank Top; it’s a beautiful day and a perfect recipe for some meditation and yoga. Namaste represents the belief that there is a divine spark within each of us, which is located in the heart chakra. It is expressed through placing the hands together at the heart, closing your eyes, and bowing your head. It can also be done by placing your hands together at your third eye, bowing your head, and bringing your hands down to your heart. This gesture represents the acknowledgment of the soul in one, by the soul in another.

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Soulshine Bursts Boho Headband

I am so glad that headbands have become fashionable again since I was already wearing them anyway!  Although I am not one to dress according to what is fashionable, I like to be comfortable, and part of being comfortable is knowing that you look good in what you’re wearing.  Soulflower has found the perfect balance in comfort, fashion, and style!

DSC 0158 - Soulshine Bursts Boho Headband

Anyway, I was looking through the headbands and thinking that I wanted one, and I came across a review that  said she thought the headband she ordered seemed flimsy and to save your money by cutting up an old t-shirt.  It made me re-think my order, but I decided I wanted to try one anyway.  I am glad I did!  I like the idea of cutting up a t-shirt, and I will probably try that; but I am extremely happy with the Soulflower headband, and I’ve been wearing it more than any of my other ones now.  I find that it’s not flimsy at all; in fact it’s quite tough!  I will definitely be buying the other colors and designs!

DSC 0150 - Soulshine Bursts Boho Headband

In order to check its toughness, I put it through the paces.  I took it on a road trip and on a multi-day river trip.  I wore it during different activities, and I was frequently stuffing it down in my bag.  I found that not only is the headband ultra-tough, but it’s super small and easy to pack!

The other reasons that I love the Soulflower headband are the material, the fit, and the design.  The material is their ultra-soft cotton/poly blend that they use in many of the items in their yoga line. The cotton makes it soft and airy and the polyester makes it durable and quick-drying.  It’s organic cotton and recycled plastic too!  When it’s hot outside, I always want my hair out of my face, but many headbands make me itchy and hotter, so I put them on and take them off all day.  Not this one!  The material is silky-soft, light and airy, so it feels good to wear in all kinds of weather.

DSC 0143 - Soulshine Bursts Boho Headband

The fit of the headband is perfect.  I have a very small head, and it fits me great without falling around; and the material is stretchy, so if you have a bigger head, it will fit you too.  You can change up the look to fit your mood by wearing it over your whole head or scrunching it up smaller.  It stays on great through all kinds of activity like yoga, hiking, traveling, and just playing around.  On our road trip out west, I found it to be a necessary travel item!  Since I went many days without a shower, it was great to cover up and control dirty, wind-blown travel hair.  

One of the most amazing things about Soulflower is their designs, and they don’t hold back on their headbands!  I have many items with the Soulshine graphics on them because it’s one of my favorites!  It reminds me to stay positive and to do my best to make others around me feel good too.  Thanks Soulflower for always finding creative ways to spread the good vibe!

Also, here’s a tutorial on how you can double these headbands up for a fresh-fun look: Double Headband Magic

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Mehndi Hands Hoody : The Heart Chakra

If you like being comfortable, you will love Soul Flower’s line of pull-over yoga hoodies!  I now have two, and I wonder what I used to wear.  They are like your favorite t-shirt, but in hoody form!  These hoodies are made from a soft blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic polyester.  The cotton makes the fabric soft against your skin while the polyester helps it dry quickly and keeps you warm; making these a great choice for spring and fall or after the sun goes down in summer.  I wore this in a light rain and it didn’t soak the water in and it dried very quickly.   

DSC 0440 - Mehndi Hands Hoody : The Heart Chakra
Give Joy!

These hoodies have a loose fit, (I got the small and it fits juuuuust right) so they are great for pulling on over your yoga wear or over your little party dress as the night grows cooler at a festival or show.  I actually just wore the Mehndi Hands hoody at a spring festival.  It got cooler at night, but not cold, so I wanted something that would keep me just a bit warmer.  The extra coverage and the awesome hood were just the ticket!  Also, because it’s a Soul Flower item, I could add a layer and still have on something cute and fun!

mehndi+heart+hoody - Mehndi Hands Hoody : The Heart Chakra
mehndi hands close up - Mehndi Hands Hoody : The Heart Chakra
Mehndi Heart <3
Take Joy!

The Mehndi Hands graphic is absolutely spectacular.  It’s a beautiful maroon color against the brown hoody.   I have to add that the color of the hoody makes it very convenient for travel and festival wearing because it doesn’t show dirt!  Anyway, the graphic is open hands with a heart inside and the heart chakra symbol inside the heart.  How awesome is that!  It’s located right at the heart chakra too, so it reminds us to act from the heart. Others might be different from us, they might annoy us, but we do our best to love them anyway.  Chakras are able to give and receive energy, so also remember to receive the love that is given to you.  Soul Flower’s love is given to us through their eco-conscious clothing with conscious designs so that as we wear it, we give our love to the world around us!

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Sunrise Surprise Halter Tank Is On Sale!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but where I live it has been soooo HOT! The only thing you can do in this kind of weather is go to the pool with an umbrella and some sunscreen (spf 100 if you’re as fair skinned as me!)

IMG fair+trade+tank - Sunrise Surprise Halter Tank Is On Sale!

But the heat brings another problem; clothes! When it’s as hot as it is in the middle of Summer, you have to have something that is made out of thin, cool fabric and is still cute at the same time. Soul Flowers Sunrise Suprise halter top is exactly what you need! It comes in bright, eye-catching yellow and orange hues with a splash of red. The halter top allows your back and shoulders to breathe free from any fabric, and it looks super cute! It is great to wear alone, or over your bathing suit.

Plus, it’s fair trade! And on SALE! 

IMG yellow+tank+top - Sunrise Surprise Halter Tank Is On Sale!
Was $24 now it’s $18 
So get it while you can and enjoy the rest of your summer! 🙂

Your Bud Kirbie

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Let’s Go Take a Hike!

 Up to the Highest Height’s

take=a=hike - Let's Go Take a Hike!
hike+tee - Let's Go Take a Hike!
Take a Hike Recycled T-Shirt!

Oh the places a shirt will take you! When I saw this eco-friendly shirt I knew it had to be mine. I love to hike, and when I have it on it inspires me to see knew places and find new hikes! Today I found myself in Waipio Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii; hiking the “Z” trail to the Queen’s Bath.  It is a long and beautiful hike, walking along the edge of a steep mountain side you get higher above the ocean as you reach the first turn of the “Z”.   We don’t see anyone else on the hike the entire time and its as if we are in our own magical wonderland, passing fresh fruits and  beautiful flowers in full bloom.  We stop every so often to take in the beauty that surrounded us and to try to not let it take our breath away.

recycled+hike+tshirt - Let's Go Take a Hike!hiker+style - Let's Go Take a Hike!
hiker+tshirt - Let's Go Take a Hike!

Hiking makes me really appreciate the world and its magnificent point of view, I am the person I want to be in moments like this.  We make our way out of the sun and into the bamboo forest where we can’t help but climb around for a bit and slide down the huge bamboo stalks to the cool forest floor.  We finally reach the Queen’s Bath and slide in for a quick dip, the water is freezing; but that doesn’t stop us from pretending to be Hawaiian royalty in our own private Utopia.  As the sun starts to set, we start the hike down; its much quicker, but just as beautiful! We even see some wild horses on the way out of the forest to the beach, a mother and her blonde haired baby! Oh the places Taking A Hike can bring you! 

<3 Hannah!

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Happy Pants & Bob Marley’s 3 Little Birds

Hello, fellow buds! My name is Kirbie and I am lucky enough to say that I am one of Soul Flower’s newest additions to the Karma Krewe! I love Soul Flower because it is a wonderful company with friendly, true blue workers, and you can give outward expressions of inward feelings through clothing that is good to the earth and its people. So far, in my 20 years of life, my inward experiences have been mostly positive. If I have a bad experience, I turn it around and make it a good one because I know that it taught me something that I can apply later on in life. I am a singer/songwriter too, so I can also take those negative (and positive) experiences and turn them into a song. That way, there is always a happy ending to every life lesson!

happy%20pants - Happy Pants & Bob Marley's 3 Little Birds

To me, nothing is more important in life than happiness. This is why I felt right at home when I first started listening to reggae music. The lyrics in reggae music always come back to love and happiness. Most of the lyrics uncover issues that keep us from these things. A lot of songs are about the artist’s true love. Then there are the songs about sitting back, relaxing, and just enjoying life. And who can resist those bouncy off-beat guitar rhythms? Yes indeed, whenever I hear this irresistable music, it’s like I’m in my own little paradise. What other way to express these happy feelings than through my reggae influenced pop music?

happy%20pants1 - Happy Pants & Bob Marley's 3 Little Birds

When I saw these, I just had to have them. They practically screamed out my name! They are perfect for me. The bright colors are eye-catching, yet down to earth, thanks to the scarce brown color throughout the pants. I was a little worried about them being too hot; after all, it is the middle of May and it isn’t going to get any colder! But they turned out to actually keep my legs cool in the sun! Plus, you can roll them up and button them if you want to wade in the water. They weren’t too short OR too long. They fit around my hips and bottom, which I was suprised about. Great for running and dancing! Just when I thought they couldn’t get any better, I remembered they were fair trade….What are you waiting for?!

summer%20happy%20pants - Happy Pants & Bob Marley's 3 Little Birds

You are a soul-flower customer. That very fact means that you are unique! So get out there and express your beautiful, happy self through these fantastical pants!

And if you are a fan of music, please check mine out at and tell me what you think! 😉

My dog certainly enjoys Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds!

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Indian Summer Maxi Dress

Every summer I have a mission to find that new vacation dress!  So, I got online and enjoyed my Soul-Flower search (without the shopping hassle) and found one of the prettiest dresses I’ve seen in a long time, The Indian Summer Maxi Dress. Without a hesitation I thought, yes please! Getting this ASAP!!! When it came in the mail I was dazzled by the color!! The purple freak in me is very happy, and I’m lovin’ on the red and purple – what a fabulous combination!! Funny, I paint using this color combo quite often, but I don’t see it enough in clothing for my fondness! The sweet Mehndi pattern is always marvelous to me as well, just so awesome!

indiandress6 - Indian Summer Maxi Dress
indiandress2 - Indian Summer Maxi Dress
In love with the rich red & purple!

The Indian Summer Maxi Dress has all the elegance for a fancy shmancy party yet the natural, light, everyday look for heading to the market in a beachy town. It’s just the best for summer vacations! So lightweight for packing, and takes up no space in my luggage! The fit is so amazing is on my body. It’s quite form fitting in the shoulder area, but I like this feature a lot because of the nice higher fit around the arm pits and neckline. 

indiandress5 - Indian Summer Maxi Dress

The dress also has a nice bit of room in the hip area – very easy to move around, walk and sit in, and gives the body such a nice shape. I am 5’5” and it brushes the tops of my sandals. Perfect in every way, like it’s been tailor made!! How do they do that? Who is it that is doing this? This rich red gem is a garment made in India in the traditional ways families have been block printing cotton by hand for generations. The sewing is done by hand from women who are members of cooperatives. This dress I now wear and love helps these women and their children find their way out of poverty and the company is a member of the Fair Trade Federation! So, every time I put it on I think of whose life these dresses might be changing and wear it with a happy heart!

Enjoy your life today! ~ Woo

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