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mushrooms - Tips for Hunting Mushrooms

Tips for Hunting Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms is the greatest print ever. The softest raglan ever. This weekend I took some pictures with my daughter and husband, the hardest thing in the world can be getting a good picture with a child. You have to have treats, silly faces, and be willing to try a million different spots and angles. (more…)

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peace fingers symbol 428x430 - Peace Hoody

Peace Hoody

Newest member of the Karma Krewe here. When I first discovered Soul Flower (through a link on Facebook’s sidebar, of all places!) I knew I had discovered a true gem. Their eco friendly clothing is so different from other boutiques I have shopped at before, because it’s nice to the earth AND nice on the eyes, (more…)

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tween 427x430 - Imagine


Soul Flower has women’s and children’s sizing options but don’t forget about the in-be-‘tweens’! Most XS or S womens sizes will work for the pre-teen frame as well!


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wine backpack 480x430 - Dandelion Wine Backpack

Dandelion Wine Backpack

Hello buds! So, I had my first baby recently and getting outdoors for a good hike or walk has been a bit, well shall I say…challenging?! Babies are the best, (THE BEST!!) but having one on board means you have lots of extra stuff to drag around every time you think of stepping outside. (more…)

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tapestry - India Star Tapestry as a Curtain

India Star Tapestry as a Curtain

I have been searching for a piece of fabric, scrap of material, curtain, tablecloth, anything to use to hide the mess in the entryway closet. I’ve always loved tapestries and their multiple uses but never really thought of its function as a curtain. Until…I opened the Soul Flower package


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painted elephant 436x430 - Elephant Strength

Elephant Strength

The elephant is traditionally symbolic of a variety of different elements in numerous countries and cultures. From representing power and dignity  in Africa, divinity and benevolence in Asia, to good luck and good fortune in India. (more…)

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Groovy Bojangles Beach Pants!

With these Bojangles Beach Pants, it’s the details! First, the obvious: the pattern. It is so unique and crazy! A mix of bright, eye-catching colors mixed with deep purple and black. Then up the side there is a long line of a deep, wine-like purple with brown wooden buttons. The mixture of black and brown on these pants make it so that you can wear them with anything! The lace lining the bottom of the legs is the same deep purple. I was worried these pants would be too long for me (I am 5’2″) and they were. But I could easily roll the waist band over to achieve the desired length. That is a big plus! The material is light and airy which is perfect for summer beaches or nights out.

bojangles+beach+pants - Groovy Bojangles Beach Pants!
Feelin’ the music from my head to my toes…literally! 

And who could forget the little jingle bells?? Yes, they actually jingle when you walk! I have never seen anything like it! It inspired me to wear them out to one of my gigs. I sing (and play tambourine) in a classic rock cover band. The cute little bells reminded me of my tambourine, and the thought of using my legs as another instrument excited me. Plus, these pants are so GROOVY! Nothing else in my closest is this worthy of wearing while singing Led Zeppelin. Perfect for playing tambourine and dancing during “Soul Man” by the Blue’s Brothers. And when I hit that cowbell during “Gimme Three Steps” I feel very much in character. Oh, and I don’t get too hot when I’m grooving in them. Best worn with boots, platforms if you have them!!!

funky+pattern+pants - Groovy Bojangles Beach Pants!
Feelin’ the groove with funky patterned pants that jingle!
“He said the name Bojangles and he danced a lick all across the cell

He grabbed his pants for a better stance, oh, he jumped so high and he clicked up his heel

He let go laugh, he let go laugh, shook back his clothes all aroun

Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles, dance, yeah, dance.”

Rock on,

The Bojangles Beach Pants were also featured in Soul Flower’s Summer Bliss Lookbook, if you want to check out more style possibilities! 🙂

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Utopia Tapestry Pants

Vacationing in a tropical purple paradise, that’s what these pants do for me! The ornate design of the Be Striped Tree Tapestry has been a soul-flower favorite for quite some time and if you love the look of the tapestry like I do, you’ll love these pants, too! How smart are they, aye? I mean, when something is a SF  favorite, why not make it available in another form? Ok, pants please! Walla! So, when I get the urge for a getaway, I throw these purple tapestry pants on and utopia awaits me!

utopia+tapestry+pants - Utopia Tapestry Pants
Purples aplenty! 🙂

It’s easy to see that these pants will trip the purple lovers radar!! My undying love for the color had me practically salivating over these pretty purple pantalones!!

purple+tapestry+pants - Utopia Tapestry Pants
Utopia Tapestry Pants

Even the lovely Jacqui from Soul-Flowers noted on my invoice, “More purple for you, Woo!”  Yes, it’s a fact, where there is purple clothing to be discovered…there I’ll be!   And I do believe that these purple puppies are pajama pants in disguise! Yes they are tapestry but they don’t fail at being completely cozy and fun to wear. It’s also kinda neat that they are fun yet dressy enough for work. I find by slipping into this utopia a day at a job can magically be transformed into a fantasy land of purple play for the day!

bohemian+tapestry+pants - Utopia Tapestry Pants
These pants have the same print as the five star favorite Be Striped Tree Tapestry!

The only dilemma I had when choosing these purple pretties was size. I wanted to make sure I got enough length. Sometimes worldly clothing runs a lil’ funky so I decided on the medium for my 5’5” frame. They are great! Not too short, too long, too tight, or too baggy. The elastic tie waist is nice and stretchy; the overall cut is beautiful and flattering with a slight flare at the bottom of the leg. I hand wash most things that are ornate or delicate which is recommended on the tag for these anyway. They have a great weight and are nicely lined, too. Can’t forget these are fair trade and made in Nepal, giving me a warm fuzzy feeling about my totally cool purpley pants!! A great addition to my plethora of purple!!

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earth medallion - Earth Medallion Yoga Skirt and Tank

Earth Medallion Yoga Skirt and Tank

I’ve been reading and listening to stories about the dirty side of the clothing industry lately. In a nutshell, there is a whole lot of polluting the Earth with pesticides and dyes and a whole lot of shady business and government practices in the industry. If you’re interested, you should do some research and check it out, but it’s very disheartening. (more…)

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Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti

So I’m sure all you Soul Flower lovers have been hearing all about National Volunteer Week, and Soul Flowers Kindness Matters Giveaway. If you haven’t shared your story, be sure to do so before the 31st! I have loved reading about the other volunteer experiences, it’s nice to be reminded that in a sometimes “every-man-for himself” world, in a day of crisis and hard times, people are still willing to step outside of their everyday life and do something good. Even though it isn’t required, it might not directly benefit us, and sometimes it isn’t asked for or even appreciated, regardless people find the need to serve, and help, and make the world a better place when they really don’t have to. It is inspiring.

friendship+bracelts - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
bff+bracelets - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti

Well, I heard about the giveaway, and I didn’t have any volunteer ideas in mind. I used to help out at a retirement/ rehabilitation center, which was so much fun, but having a little baby, and not feeling so great, I needed to think of something that would work for now. The beautiful thing about volunteering is there are so many options, there are millions of ways you can help, if you search around a bit, you really can find a opportunity that you will enjoy and that will really use your talents to help others. I find everything happens for a reason, and while I was at church Sunday a friend mentioned that her and her sister were collecting friendship bracelets for orphans in Haiti.

creating+bracelts+for+charity - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
kindness+matters+tee - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
My Kindness Matters Organic T-Shirt and some friendship bracelets I made 🙂

This was a perfect opportunity for me, something I had the stuff for, something I could do, and although its something little, the fact that a bright colored bracelet could mean so much to a little kid who has hardly anything in terms of family, food, and circumstances, means alot to me. It was something I was excited to do.

night+nomad+and+friendship+bracelets - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
night+nomad+purse+with+bracelets - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti

These kids have nothing, one pair of clothes, only one meal a day (no snacks) and just really hard circumstances (over the weekend they even ran out of formula for the babies, so just had to feed them water,) Some of these kids are orphans because their parents abandoned them, couldn’t afford them, died or are missing. The last visit they didn’t have enough bracelets for everyone, the ones who got them just thought they were the coolest things, the ones that didn’t get one were pretty sad. Their goal is to make 250 bracelets so everyone can have one.

kindness+matters+tee+and+night+nomad+purse - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
Soul Flower’s Kindness Matters Tee 

I have already made 30, and am trying to get as many done this week as I can, my goal is at least 50, hopefully 100, that way I will be sure everyone gets ones, and gets to choose the one they want. I mentioned this to my family, and Sunday we are having a family dinner, where my brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends said they would also pitch in and make some to send. Although this is something very minimal in terms of making a difference in the world, I most likely only spent $8.00 on supplies, and they are after all just bracelets, I think it is the little things that count, that matter, the effort, the gesture, the fact that you did it, even when you could have said no.

kindness+matters+tee+from+soul+flower - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
back+of+tee - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
I like pairing this top with Soul Flower’s Night Nomad Hemp Satchel 🙂

When I first saw the Kindness Matters Organic Tee, I instantly loved it, The color and style are perfect, but the saying really stuck with me. I could use a reminder. I think at times I can be a little shut-off, I am warm and loving and .kind to my friends and family, but maybe I stop it there. Do I build up a hard shell around strangers, if someone doesn’t mean anything to me, or I feel like I wont see them again, so I even acknowledge them? Do I not smile, when I should? Are strangers to me just props and scenery when really they could be so much more, complex, beautiful, struggling  eating breathing human beings like everyone else? I think we forget that, I know I do. The other day I was moving some things, and one of my bags broke, this kind stranger quickly jumped up to help me, asking if I needed help to my car. She helped me carry all my bags, and wished me a happy day. Her smile and positive attitude just made my day. Why am I holding back, when I can make someone feel how she made me feel, why not?

be+kind - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti

Hopefully you all got a chance to have a wonderful experience, but if not, remember, the little things matter too, smile at someone, try not to honk at the driver who cuts you off, surprise someone with a note or cookies, be kind. Kindness does matter.

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My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip

Mint. Mint would have to be one of my favorite colors, especially in summer. Something about it is so fresh, so girly and so vintage. I see mint, I instantly think of mint porcelain tea cups, tiny key lime bars, and cucumber sandwiches. This dress reminds me of the 1960s, picnics, and Sundays. I love the color, I love that this Swirls Skater Dress can be worn as a maternity dress (I am 7 months along) because of the flowing knit material. I also love the fun little swirls pattern and that the dress is made of earth-kind organic cotton in the USA. Usually I would pair this minty color with more pastels, which is pretty, but being inspired by flea markets and thrift shops, I decided to be a little random, mixing oranges, reds, and prints into this more retro look.

mint+swirl+organic+skater+dress - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip
The mint Swirls Skater dress even has a hand-drawn design!
mint+swirl+dress+on+the+go - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip
swirl+dress+design - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip
 I also carried my fave Mushrooms Messenger Bag which I reviewed recently! 🙂
Spring has just arrived, I have been cooped up in the house getting ready for my new baby, It was a perfect day to get outside and go for a walk. There is this tiny little antique shop a few blocks away, I decided to take the afternoon and browse. This particular shop always lines out a bunch of its items outside in the summer, luring all sorts of people in. I love the mix of colors, mix of old and new, the worn and chipped and faded. Everything is one of a kind. I always stop to look at their collection of colored glasses, wooden duck decoys, and stained glass windows.

organic+mint+dress+thrifting - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip
organic+dress+gone+thrifting - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Tripthrifting+in+favorite+dress - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip
thrifting+in+an+organic+soul+flower+dress - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip

Modern times have turned to a throw-away society. We buy, we make, then we throw away, and buy some more. There is so much treasure out there, so many ways to reuse, re-purpose or go organic. Maybe this month, choose local, choose organic, or find something old and make it new. Because history, experience, and a little bit of rust, can be beautiful.

Latter Day Style

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Works Great as a Diaper Bag

So I am nesting. I just hit my 30 week mark, 7 months, and only a few more weeks until I have my second little girl. Being my second baby I feel like I am a little more prepared, when it comes to knowing what I always should carry. I saw the Mushrooms Messenger Bag, and I instantly thought about how perfect it would be for a diaper bag. I love the saddle bag style, I love the neutral tan color that will literally match every outfit (plus my husband will be able to carry it around without feeling a little girly), and I also love the bit of fantasy the hand-drawn mushroom illustrations add to it.

zoommushroom - Works Great as a Diaper Bag
Close-up of the hand-drawn mushroom design
mushrooms - Works Great as a Diaper Bag
It has adjustable straps
handdrawnmushroomdesignbag - Works Great as a Diaper Bag
And is the perfect size for carrying the essentials

The second It got here, I immediately wanted to test it out, make sure it could easily hold all I needed. I packed in the diapers, wipes, a blanket, a change of clothes, toys, the works. And surprisingly it all fit perfectly. Even though the bag doesn’t look big, it will certainly hold the essentials (whether or not you are using it as a diaper bag, school bag, or a purse). The magnetic snap ensures nothing will fall out while I go about my day. And since it’s made of cotton canvas (50% organic cotton), it’s really durable with a sturdy padded strap.

mushroombabybag - Works Great as a Diaper Bag
hipdiaperbag - Works Great as a Diaper Bag
bohobabybags - Works Great as a Diaper Bag


I am so ready for the summer, I am so ready for this new baby, and I cannot wait to tote along my mushroom saddle bag in the process. It’s just a really great bag!

myfavoritebabybag - Works Great as a Diaper Bag

Latter Day Style

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Warm Ways to Style a Strapless Dress

It’s that time of year again…

Soul-Flower has put up lots of new amazing dresses for spring and summer, and I’m sure there will be many more to come! They sent me the beautiful Mystified Hi-Lo Dress. It’s tribal pattern and eye-catching yet subtle colors make a statement. It’s also fully lined, which is unexpected and awesome!

stevie+nicks+style - Warm Ways to Style a Strapless Dress
The Mystified Hi-Lo Skirt-Dress all layered up Stevie Nicks style!

However, there’s one dilemma; where I live, as well as a lot of other parts of the country, it’s still chilly outside! BUT don’t panic…there is a way to get some use out of those awesome strapless and sleeveless dresses before the temperature goes up.

There are 3 things every girl should have in her wardrobe to assure that she will get lots of use out of her clothes all year round:

2) Shrugs/Boleros
3) Great boots
IMG 0389+(2) - Warm Ways to Style a Strapless Dressstyle+strapless+dress - Warm Ways to Style a Strapless Dress

I like to have each of those things in brown and black; that way, I will be able to wear any sleeveless dress at any time of the year I want! I suggest buying soul-flower’s leggings because they are made with organic cotton. Other good things to have are cardigans, scarves, and arm/leg warmers. They can turn any summer dress into a fall, winter, or early spring outfit. And there you have it. Simple ways to get the most bang for your buck with soul-flower’s cool threads!

And here’s a happy song to warm your soul – Hope you like it! 🙂

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Aiko Boxy Top

Hey out there, buds! Just stopping in the say hi and tell you about my latest SF threads! I received the Aiko Recycled Boxy Top and believe it or not I was actually a little apprehensive when taking it out of the package. Its rectangular, box-like shape had me wondering if I could pull off the style. I haven’t bought anything like it yet, (although I have seen this style a lot, and how cute it looks on others). I gotta admit trying it on made a big difference! It is wonderful and fun to wear as you can see! 🙂 Slip it over your head and it flows and lays in all kinds of neat and funky ways.

boxytopcollage - Aiko Boxy Top
With a fun boxy fit & hand-drawn design this is my new fav!

The Aiko, a Soul Flower Original, is one size fits all and made here in the USA with low impact dyes! It’s easy, soft and relaxed to wear due to its ingredients: 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic! 🙂 Like your favorite night shirt it’s soft on da skin and feels about like you’re not wearing anything. No confinement here and I dig the way it drapes the body! Great color too – a slightly faded/heather royal blue hue. Cool fitted ¾ style sleeve so you can push them up a bit or leave them just below the elbows. This top has been fun to wear during this last bit of winter lounging. From yoga to watching a great movie, to baking! Free flowing, light, airy and perfect for anywhere you want to move about with ease, like today when I’m home making something yummy – a peanut butter, marshmallow and cereal treat! If you don’t have this easy one already, here you go!

SFAIKO04+(2) - Aiko Boxy Top


PB & Mallows Cereal Recipe:
3Tbs. butter or substitute
½ cup organic creamy peanut butter or substitute
5 cups of non sweetened cereal – toasted oats are my fav for this!
6 cups marshmallows
Pan 13×9
Large mixing bowl and spatula

Melt butter in bowl, add marshmallows and toss to coat. Microwave 1:30, stir until smooth then add peanut butter. Immediately stir in cereal until coated. Press mixture into greased pan or waxed paper using greased hands or spatula. Let cool!

sfAIKO5+(2) - Aiko Boxy Top
sfAIKO6 - Aiko Boxy Top
sfAIKO7 - Aiko Boxy Top
sfAIKO08+(2) - Aiko Boxy Top

And while my treat is cooling, I’m dreaming about the weather warming! When it does I’ll be throwing a tank on under the Aiko, slipping it off to one shoulder and rockin’ out with some 80’s sunglasses, skinny jeans & high heels! The eco-friendly Aiko is one versatile vixen!

Have a sweet day, buds! Woo

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