The elephant is traditionally symbolic of a variety of different elements in numerous countries and cultures. From representing power and dignity  in Africa, divinity and benevolence in Asia, to good luck and good fortune in India.

This animal however is known first and foremost to represent strength, in both physical and spiritual forms.  So fitting then in symbolism (and comfort) to choose the painted elephant tank for my friend Jamie for one of my first few Soul-Flower Karma Krewe experiences! Please note: this tank might no longer be available but we have plenty of elephant clothing options to choose from. You may want to start with our blog post: 12 elephant gifts for elephant lovers.

IMG 1527 - Elephant StrengthBlog Image
My friend Jamie in her new Painted Elephant Tank
IMG 1523 - Elephant StrengthBlog Image
Elephants represent strength in both the physical and spiritual form

Strong but gentle like the animal it so artfully displays, it fit her perfectly in size and style. The artwork itself is really one of the best I’ve seen in clothing design. A perfect combination of functionality and creativity. The symmetry in the hand-drawn elephant itself solidifies the idea of strength and stability.  The lotus flower and vines add a slight touch of femininity along with the curve of the neckline and longer hem.

paint+elephant+design - Elephant StrengthBlog Image
Beautifully symbolic hand-drawn elephant design

Jamie is a relatively new friend, a rare find in a random stranger. I’m still learning of the challenges she has faced, and just understanding the the obstacles yet to come. All weaved throughout a positive, strong, independent being. She has recently found the idea of the symbolic elephant as a proper kindred spirit, a representation of strength and beauty. And as with this Painted Elephant Tank, she wears it well 🙂

strength+of+soul - Elephant StrengthBlog Image
Strength in body. Strength in spirit.

Peace & Love,
Erin Rose
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