Dragonflies are my favorite insects for many reasons, the two main ones being:
1) They eat mosquitoes!
2) They look so unique and colorful and free

IMG 0564 - Stone Dragonfly Necklace: Beachy BeautifulBlog Image
Rockin’ my Stone Dragonfly at the beach!

This gorgeous handmade necklace portrays the dragonfly quite well! I own lots of eclectic jewelry (most of it from Soul-Flower 😀 ) but this necklace really stands out. I have never seen anything like it. The natural agate stones are all different shapes, sizes, and colors, making each necklace one of a kind. The dragonfly charm has a lovely, detailed texture that makes it stand out from other dragonfly charms I have seen!

IMG 0566 - Stone Dragonfly Necklace: Beachy BeautifulBlog Image
Closeup of the stunning details <3

The Stone Dragonfly Necklace goes perfect with any summer ensemble, from maxi dresses and skirts to bathing suits and sarongs. In fact, it came just in time because I am about to move out of my beloved childhood home to a beach three hours away! Buds, I am really excited–and nervous! But I absolutely love the beach. And it is a real beach: the Atlantic ocean, and not a lake or bay (nothing wrong with small bodies of water, but I love waves and sandbars and the sight of dolphins swimming near the shoreline!) Whenever I go on my balcony there happens to be lots of dragonflies. I take it as a sign that this new step in my life will definitely be a great experience where I will learn to spread my wings and grow so much!

FSH002alt1 lg - Stone Dragonfly Necklace: Beachy BeautifulBlog Image
There is a Stone Dragonfly Bracelet, too!!

I will be on the beach all of the time and I know that all of my Soul-Flower merch is going to come in handy! There also seems to be lots of kind heads where I am going. This means I will have more opportunities for my music, which means more opportunities to support Soul-Flower and spread the word!

So if you’re attracted to that dragonfly necklace, don’t hesitate to get it, and be your unique, beautiful selves!


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  1. Benjamin Eidem
    September 29, 2016 at 11:32 am (8 years ago)

    Beautiful design and great Stone Dragonfly Necklace…..


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