With these Bojangles Beach Pants, it’s the details! First, the obvious: the pattern. It is so unique and crazy! A mix of bright, eye-catching colors mixed with deep purple and black. Then up the side there is a long line of a deep, wine-like purple with brown wooden buttons. The mixture of black and brown on these pants make it so that you can wear them with anything! The lace lining the bottom of the legs is the same deep purple. I was worried these pants would be too long for me (I am 5’2″) and they were. But I could easily roll the waist band over to achieve the desired length. That is a big plus! The material is light and airy which is perfect for summer beaches or nights out.

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Feelin’ the music from my head to my toes…literally! 

And who could forget the little jingle bells?? Yes, they actually jingle when you walk! I have never seen anything like it! It inspired me to wear them out to one of my gigs. I sing (and play tambourine) in a classic rock cover band. The cute little bells reminded me of my tambourine, and the thought of using my legs as another instrument excited me. Plus, these pants are so GROOVY! Nothing else in my closest is this worthy of wearing while singing Led Zeppelin. Perfect for playing tambourine and dancing during “Soul Man” by the Blue’s Brothers. And when I hit that cowbell during “Gimme Three Steps” I feel very much in character. Oh, and I don’t get too hot when I’m grooving in them. Best worn with boots, platforms if you have them!!!

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Feelin’ the groove with funky patterned pants that jingle!
“He said the name Bojangles and he danced a lick all across the cell

He grabbed his pants for a better stance, oh, he jumped so high and he clicked up his heel

He let go laugh, he let go laugh, shook back his clothes all aroun

Mr. Bojangles, Mr. Bojangles, dance, yeah, dance.”

Rock on,

The Bojangles Beach Pants were also featured in Soul Flower’s Summer Bliss Lookbook, if you want to check out more style possibilities! 🙂

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