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The attributes of Ganesh

Elephants are a symbol of great strength, gentleness and knowledge. Due to their majestic beauty and symbolic meaning, they make wonderful gifts. So, if you have a friend or family member who absolutely adores elephants as much as we do, you’ve hit up the right place. 
Here are some of our faves:

Elephants by soulflower featuring an elephant charm
ganesh+tapestry - Elephant Charms: Love & Protect

Ganesh Tapestry
shiva+tapestry+dress - Elephant Charms: Love & Protect
Shiva Tapestry Dress

This maxi length tapestry dress has a subtle elephant print  that is extremely lovely and eye-catching in combination with the floral vines and calming colors. 

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Tusk Earrings 

Hand carved from salvaged and recycled wood, these Tusk Earrings are faux gauges for normal, pierced ears. They allow you to get that rad tribal look without the commitment of gauging your ears. SAweet!

stampede+elephant+purse - Elephant Charms: Love & ProtectBlog Image
Stampede Purse
blue+elephant+tapestry - Elephant Charms: Love & Protect
Arabian Nights Tapestry

And this isn’t even all of the elephants Soul Flower has to offer – we have even more hanging out in the warehouse taking up all kinds of space! 😉 lol

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