My friend, Erin Rose, is a talented photographer in WI. Snapping pics is her hobby, and man is she good at it!  Erin has also been wearing Soul Flower for years, and is now watching her daughter flip through our catalogs, pointing out the many things she wants as well.

Luckily, Erin isn’t hogging her Soul Flower threads, she’s sharing them; giving them away to friends & family for a chance to photograph them. 

Erin is the newest addition to our Karma Krewe, and we look forward to all the rockin’ photos she’ll be sending our way. Since she works on the other side of the camera you won’t be seeing her all that often, but here she is, the woman behind e-rin images 🙂

erin+images - Jezebel Hemp Skirt-Dress: e-rin images
Erin Rose of e-rin images (by Eisells Imagery)

New neighborhood Karma Krewe member Erin here! Aside from admiring, and receiving and (gasp!) wearing amazing garments from Soul-Flower, my excitement peaks most at the opportunity to photograph them. To say that photography is my passion, or even obsession doesn’t fully express what it means to me. Like any other art form for the devoted artist, it’s embedded into everything I do, see and experience. So let’s combine that with clothes? Really, really cool threads for kind heads? Yes please!

I was first attracted to its versatility to be worn as a dress or a skirtUnlike some similar dress/skirt combinations I have tried, it doesn’t buckle or pull when worn one way or the other. The hemp/organic cotton blend is much thicker than I thought it would be. It’s stretchy but incredibly forgiving and flattering. It really is a very simple dress with a simple design, but it has such a romantic feel. Here, we accented the violet heathered coloration with a freakin’ awesome beaded belt I bought from Soul-Flower (2 years ago!), and some additional turquoise accessories.

We changed the look entirely as a skirt for a more vintage feel and both turned out quite lovely, if I do say so myself. 🙂 The color combination possibilities are really endless with this shade of violet, and the style lends itself to most any look- it could easily be taken from modern to bohemian to vintage!

As previously stated, I kind of like taking pictures. I like taking pictures of friends and family and also friends and family that just so happen to be photographers themselves. I have an ongoing series of the same theme. Danielle and Nick (shown here as another accessory to the Jezebel Hemp skirt :)) are both incredibly talented behind the camera. The presence of a peer group of like minded individuals is incredibly important in any artistic field. I am fortunate and humbled to have so many people willing to work with me and collaborate on various projects and ideas!

IMG 2980water - Jezebel Hemp Skirt-Dress: e-rin images

Danielle wore the versatile Jezebel Hemp Skirt during a long shoot with its share of rocky terrain, dirt, grime and probably more physical movement that one usually does in a strapless dress. While shooting, I continuously asked about its comfort, wear, etc. Great reviews all around! It is uber-comfortable, wears well as in it doesn’t pull, twist, or sag even with a lot of physical movement. And somehow, it hardly picked up any dirt!

Erin Rose
e-rin images

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