These tie-dye pants are the perfect thing after sliding in the mud and then kicking back and having a Mudslide.  Personally, I’ve been wearing them for teaching yoga, doing yoga, cleaning the house, working in the yard, working at my computer, hula hooping, and yes, kicking back for evening drinks and relaxation after a long day of outside play.  They’re like PJ pants that are super fun to wear and look at!

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Try a hula hoop as a prop for Dancer’s Pose—it works great!

They are a bit on the big side for me—I’m 5’3” with short legs and got the medium.  They come in medium and large and then you can adjust the size with the drawstring waistband.  I’m definitely not hindered by the size at all, though–they’re supposed to be loose and flowy.  They don’t feel too baggy, just a little long, which I can live with.

I wore them to teach yoga at girls’ summer camp, Rockbrook Camp for Girls (  I liked how expressive they were for teaching, doing yoga, and goofing around with the girls.  They helped me to seem more playful, which was perfect for my classes.  Teaching yoga to kids and young adults was new for me, and I absolutely loved it!  I like teaching meditation exercises, breathing exercises, and yoga postures while maintaining the free-spirited playfulness of summer camp.  It was a good lesson for life!

One of the reasons that I like wearing these mudmee pants is how they flow.  The light and airy material flows and cools off my legs.   They feel so good to put on tired legs and kick back!  Plus, the colors are amazing!  Each pair is unique, so after you order, there is a bit of wonder of exactly what you’ll get—I love surprises.  I was not disappointed!

I actually spent some years where I didn’t like tie dyes—I don’t know why—maybe I just wasn’t seeing the right ones.  Well, Soulflower has won me back over to tie dyes!  They definitely have a good eye for beauty.

These pants are made responsibly in Thailand with Peace and Love, and lots of artistry!

The pictures of me teaching is credited to
All pics were taken at Rockbrook Camp for Girls in Brevard, NC.

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