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The neon/ pastel colors on a basic grey shirt, is so brilliant

So all the snow has finally melted, I’m not sure if it is officially spring yet, but it feels like it. For me when all the snow is melted, and the weather is tolerable, then it is officially spring. And once I got my 3 Little Branches Eco T- Shirt in the mail, then I knew I really needed to get out and celebrate this warm weather, and the happiness the sun brings. I love this top, the second I saw it I about died, the neon/ pastel colors on a basic grey shirt, is so brilliant, along with the Henna-like design, it is just so bright and happy. The swirls of the leaves reminded me a bit of Native American dream catchers. After pairing the eco-friendly top with mint green jeans, I knew I had the perfect shoes to wear. I got these striped tribal moccasins thrifted and they finished the look. With my camera in hand and my sunglasses on I knew just where I wanted to spend the afternoon.

There is this little historical monument I have been to a few times, and have always been inspired by the old western feel and look of things. The spring makes me feel like taking a road trip to Texas or Arizona, I want to go to an old ghost town, or visit a amazing gift shop with beaded necklaces and dream catchers. The texture and color of this little building is amazing, ranging from the old log house with its grainy, weather-worn stained wood, the canvas embellished tee-pees to the adobe house with its curved clay shingles. So much history around us, so much history uncovered in the spring, and so much history awaiting us.

3 Little Branches Eco T-Shirt – A Soul Flower Original

Remember back in the winter, when I talked about snow, and how it blankets and conceals everything? You can easily forget what is buried underneath, like buried treasure or historical relics, it may take time, or a bit of digging to discover what happened in the past, and what was buried there. But eventually spring will come, the leaves with sprout, and things will get better. I am so happy for this weather, this time of year. Be sure to get outside and enjoy it, you waited all winter for today, at least I did!

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