Mint. Mint would have to be one of my favorite colors, especially in summer. Something about it is so fresh, so girly and so vintage. I see mint, I instantly think of mint porcelain tea cups, tiny key lime bars, and cucumber sandwiches. This dress reminds me of the 1960s, picnics, and Sundays. I love the color, I love that this Swirls Skater Dress can be worn as a maternity dress (I am 7 months along) because of the flowing knit material. I also love the fun little swirls pattern and that the dress is made of earth-kind organic cotton in the USA. Usually I would pair this minty color with more pastels, which is pretty, but being inspired by flea markets and thrift shops, I decided to be a little random, mixing oranges, reds, and prints into this more retro look.

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The mint Swirls Skater dress even has a hand-drawn design!
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 I also carried my fave Mushrooms Messenger Bag which I reviewed recently! 🙂
Spring has just arrived, I have been cooped up in the house getting ready for my new baby, It was a perfect day to get outside and go for a walk. There is this tiny little antique shop a few blocks away, I decided to take the afternoon and browse. This particular shop always lines out a bunch of its items outside in the summer, luring all sorts of people in. I love the mix of colors, mix of old and new, the worn and chipped and faded. Everything is one of a kind. I always stop to look at their collection of colored glasses, wooden duck decoys, and stained glass windows.

Modern times have turned to a throw-away society. We buy, we make, then we throw away, and buy some more. There is so much treasure out there, so many ways to reuse, re-purpose or go organic. Maybe this month, choose local, choose organic, or find something old and make it new. Because history, experience, and a little bit of rust, can be beautiful.

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