I love a cute comfy tee, especially when it’s an owl in a tree! These lil’ cuties have always been a favorite creature of mine and finding an owl tee on Soul-Flower was nothin’ less then divine!

The Camp Give a Hoot is super cute and whoot doesn’t love the message it’s sending out to the world, “Give a Hoot! Giving s’more love to mama earth since 1999″. Plus, owls are pretty much the greatest, iconic bird with much folklore and wisdom behind their big eyes. One of my favorite owl quotes has always been, “A wise old owl sat on an oak: the more he saw the less he spoke: The less he spoke the more he heard: Why aren’t we like that wise old bird?” 🙂 Makes ya think!

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My love of the wise owl has led me to decorating my pad with these cute critters!
If you’re into crafty funness here are the instructions!

1.Take an old toilet paper roll.
2.On one of the open ends, use a finger from both hands and bend the cardboard into the center. (This creates two points that look like ears)
3.Paint the roll any color you want.
4.Draw an owl face, feathers and anything else you’d like! Yay, you’re done!!

Now, not only can I enjoy making craft owls but I can enjoy wearing them! So, what do I make of my new Soul-Flower owl in a tree top? Nothin’ is cozier or comfier then organic cotton tees and as a Soul Flower original this sweet hand-drawn owl design isn’t found anywhere else ya’ll! I get to wear organic goody goodness, sport some original art work PLUS have a beau-tee made of 50% recycled plastic! The tee also uses low impact dyes and is pretty much the coolest grassy green color eva! It’s still a bit cool out so I’ve been wearing the Camp Give a Hoot with my sixpence paisley hat and doubling up with a long sleeved tee underneath but I look forward to wearing it alone all summer long!

HOOTEE5+%25282%2529 - Owl Craft With Recycled Paper Rolls Is A HootBlog Image
Woot! Woot! I mean, Hoot! Hoot! 

Just be ~ Woo

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