This time last year…. This time last year I was wearing my soulflower cherry blossom tunic with printed leggings, this year I am wearing the new Soul-flower printed stepping stones leggings.

mustard+sweater+and+fall+leggings - Stepping Stones
favorite+fall+leggings - Stepping Stones
Steppin’ Stone Organic Leggings

This time last year…. I was bundeling up one little baby girl, now I have to find two hats, two matching gloves for each girl, two jackets, two boots, two little girls to bundle up this year.

fall+tribal+print+leggings - Stepping Stones

This time last year I had long platinum blond hair, now I have strawberry blond short hair, its still is as straight as ever.

soul+flower+fall+print+leggings - Stepping Stones
soul+flower+pumpkin - Stepping Stones
maroon+print+leggings - Stepping Stones
Perfect fall color

This time last year I didn’t know how to pattern-make or sew a hat… now my desk is filled with panda, dinosaur and kitty hats, and my closet has a few new dresses made from scratch.

fall+fashion+with+print+leggings - Stepping Stones

This time last year I was anti social. now I am somewhat social… getting there…

print+leggings+in+maroon - Stepping Stones
fall+leaves+on+stairway - Stepping Stones

Its crazy what a year can bring, changes, losses, stories… One stepping stone leads to another, progress, Look back over the last year, what have you accomplished? learned? made? Lost? Remember every stone leads to the next, and is necessary to get to where you want to go.

Keep on steppin’,
from the blog Latter Day Style

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