Well I love summer traditions, the new My Ruca Patch Tank reminds me of all the fun summer clothes and how much I love summer. This tank is AMAZING, I love the patchwork and random colors, the smocked back, the fine stripes, and the adjustable straps.

my+ruca+tank+top - My Ruca Tank Top
My Ruca

One nice thing about summer is when the weather is warm enough to use the clothesline. There is something about washing your laundry then taking it out to the backyard, hanging it up in the sun and let it blow in the wind that just makes you feel good. Collecting your clothes when they are all dry and crisp, smelling like sun and flowers and wind, makes me smile. If you haven’t tried it I really encourage you to give it a try this summer, it doesn’t take much, just some string and some trees and a couple of clothes pins. You will be saving money, saving energy, and just making the world a better place. It is something simple, but something worth doing.

ruca - My Ruca Tank Top
patchwork+tank+top - My Ruca Tank Topruca+tank+top - My Ruca Tank Top
sublime+ruca+tank+top - My Ruca Tank Top
 my+ruca - My Ruca Tank Top

After doing this two summers in a row I have found a few shortcuts / tips. First hang your clothes upside-down. Hang your shirts upside down to avoid strange marks on the shoulders, hang your pants upside down from the hems. DON’T hang sweaters (as this will cause stretching and misshapen sweaters) Get a indoor clothing rack to dry whites and delicates (or use during winter or if you don’t have access to a backyard) Lastly dry towels inside, as they get a bit to crispy outside.

soul+flower+my+ruca+patch+tank+top - My Ruca Tank Top
Hope you are all having a beautiful summer! Be sure to try something new this year. 🙂

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