I have been searching for a piece of fabric, scrap of material, curtain, tablecloth, anything to use to hide the mess in the entryway closet. I’ve always loved tapestries and their multiple uses but never really thought of its function as a curtain. Until…I opened the Soul Flower package

and pulled out this beauty! The India Star Tapestry. I chose it randomly but it works better than anything I could have sought out. The fabric is heavy enough to lay flat and cover the closet opening without blowing all over when someone slams the back door. But its not bulky or hard to push aside when needed. And softer than I expected.
The colors? Vibrant but not overwhelming. The pattern? A must have for in person viewing-the detail is incredible. And again, its busy but not dizzying. On a sunny day the window behind it illuminates the pattern like a church window. It would make a pretty impressive display as a set of curtains-its quite beautiful!
India+Star+Tapestry - India Star Tapestry as a CurtainBlog Image
This tapestry has beautiful details and colors…
SO happy with this piece. It just happen to fit the space perfectly-if I ever want to use it for something else I can just take it down and do so. It would be a stunning pop of color and art for a bedroom-on the bed or wall. 
tapestry+as+closet+curtain - India Star Tapestry as a CurtainBlog Image
Decided to use it has a curtain for my closet. Love it!
Before I hung the tapestry as a curtain, my kids and I headed out on the trail to snap some shots of the vibrant colors against the greens and perfectly placed orange lilies. They always accommodate my photography requests.
Perhaps more so after a bribe of some sort 🙂 This day was candy. And they deserved it after the mosquito ridden 5 minute sprint that this mini shoot turned out to be! But we got a few good shots before being driven from our session! I’m particularly in love with the shot of my daughters ‘real’ face in between posing as her brothers drive her mad on either side. She is such a good sport 🙂
running+with+tapestry - India Star Tapestry as a CurtainBlog Image
❤ Running free from the boys 😉 
>>Shop mandala tapestry and other hippie tapestries at Soul Flower.
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India Star Tapestry
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