Fall is coming to an end. Me and my husband decided we needed to go on one last road trip before fall is really over with. What a perfect shirt, the new Enjoy the Journey turtle organic t-shirt. The relaxed shirt is a gorgeous plum/ cranberry color with a hand drawn turtle with the words “Enjoy the Journey” written across the front.

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Enjoy the Journey

My husband grew up in the country, a TINY town no stoplights in the town, you have to drive to the next town over to get any gas or candy, he lived in the same house all his life (and so did his dad, and his grandpa lived just next door) its so different from where I grew up. Everything goes a little bit slower, everything is simplified, easy, and relaxed. Its the perfect place to go and escape the crazy busy every day life.

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Take it slow

I decided I would follow the words of the shirt, and enjoy the journey, take it all in, notice details, and just relax. Luckily, because on a four wheeler trip out to the desert, our four wheeler broke down, ran out of batteries. We were stuck about 10 miles out of town… luckily we could get service. We had to explain to my husbands dad and uncle where we were, and hoped they could find us. We only had the afternoon to get all the things we wanted to do done, this could easily ruin the whole day. But I decided to enjoy the journey, I suggested we just start walking back.

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We laughed, and talked, and just walked the world, I watched some ants bring branches to this home, we saw all sorts of wildflowers, plants, and trees, if we didn’t break down, we wouldn’t have had that walk. Luckily I was able to enjoy the journey and not miss that moment.

Latter Day Style 

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