Newest member of the Karma Krewe here. When I first discovered Soul Flower (through a link on Facebook’s sidebar, of all places!) I knew I had discovered a true gem. Their eco friendly clothing is so different from other boutiques I have shopped at before, because it’s nice to the earth AND nice on the eyes, which is something I had trouble finding before! Needless to say, I am head over heels for all of their clothing and can’t stop raving about it to all of my friends!

peace+fingers+symbol - Peace HoodyBlog Image
Super detailed Peace Fingers – handdrawn!

When I first saw the Peace Fingers Women’s Eco Hoody, I knew it would be the perfect item to represent me and start me off on Soul Flower goods! Not only is the color perfectly neutral (I mean, gray can go with white, brown, OR black. Definitely a win!) but the material is probably from heaven. I wouldn’t be surprised. It is hands down the softest hoody I own and I wear it every time I’m in my closet looking for something cozy. I love it! Also, let’s not forget the amazing hand on the back. I know peace signs have been around since forever, but this one is super unique. I love the designs within the hand. I especially love that the more you look, the more you can see. It reminds me of people, in a way. How when you first look at someone you just see what’s on the surface (aka the peace sign), but when you look closer you can all their beautiful idiosyncrasies (aka the lovely designs throughout the hand). Perhaps my favorite drawings within the hand are the butterfly, music notes, and paper crane! So cute!

Oh, and not to mention that this hoody is eco-friendly! I absolutely love that! I’ve been a vegetarian for years now and in turn it has made me view the world in a different light. I hate that innocent children and their parents have to slave over a sewing machine, just so we can look more attractive in society’s eyes. So, anytime I have a chance to buy something that was made without the sweat and blood of a worker with no other options, I definitely pounce!

I’m so glad I discovered Soul Flower and can’t wait for all my friends and readers to discover them too! They truly are a gem!

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