Every summer I have a mission to find that new vacation dress!  So, I got online and enjoyed my Soul-Flower search (without the shopping hassle) and found one of the prettiest dresses I’ve seen in a long time, The Indian Summer Maxi Dress. Without a hesitation I thought, yes please! Getting this ASAP!!! When it came in the mail I was dazzled by the color!! The purple freak in me is very happy, and I’m lovin’ on the red and purple – what a fabulous combination!! Funny, I paint using this color combo quite often, but I don’t see it enough in clothing for my fondness! The sweet Mehndi pattern is always marvelous to me as well, just so awesome!

Blog Image indiandress2 - Indian Summer Maxi Dress
In love with the rich red & purple!

The Indian Summer Maxi Dress has all the elegance for a fancy shmancy party yet the natural, light, everyday look for heading to the market in a beachy town. It’s just the best for summer vacations! So lightweight for packing, and takes up no space in my luggage! The fit is so amazing is on my body. It’s quite form fitting in the shoulder area, but I like this feature a lot because of the nice higher fit around the arm pits and neckline. 

The dress also has a nice bit of room in the hip area – very easy to move around, walk and sit in, and gives the body such a nice shape. I am 5’5” and it brushes the tops of my sandals. Perfect in every way, like it’s been tailor made!! How do they do that? Who is it that is doing this? This rich red gem is a garment made in India in the traditional ways families have been block printing cotton by hand for generations. The sewing is done by hand from women who are members of cooperatives. This dress I now wear and love helps these women and their children find their way out of poverty and the company is a member of the Fair Trade Federation! So, every time I put it on I think of whose life these dresses might be changing and wear it with a happy heart!

Enjoy your life today! ~ Woo

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