Searching for an epicly amazing skirt has been quite a challenge! I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to skirting me. I believe it stems from having no hips – none, nada, negative, zilch, zero and my opinion that clothing, especially skirts and dresses, lay nicer and flow better as they meet those cute curves a long the way.

Blog Image ruffleskirtSF - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter
Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt! MWAH!

Now, I accept me for who I am hips or no hips but since I’m on the subject, (and having fun), along with this hiplessness tragedy, there’s another… resembling a bell. I like bells, on buildings, churches, when it was recess in grade school, or when it’s time to eat but not so much on my body. Ya see, negative hips combined with a bell flare seems to spell double trouble – Bellness to the maximus. Oh dear.

rufflerskirtSF3s - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for WinterBlog Image
<3 Beautiful color combo of purple, brown, and gray <3

So, hunting for that perfect skirt has been a journey, a journey that ended with Soul-Flowers most amazing fitting duds. I was hopeful when the new fall catalog came out and with much anticipation I perused the pages and saw something that delighted my eyes! The most epicly wonderful skirt ever, the new Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt!

So, I got one! WARM & COMFORTABLE! The only way to have winter clothing PLUS I just feel happier when I’m comfy! And, oh! The color! The fuzzy ruffle skirt has a cool color combo – purple, brown, gray and black too! It’s beyond soft and has a neat heathery, cozy cool fabric and freakin swirls!!!! How in the world? Swirls built right in! That’s just wickedly wonderful for superb movement, dimension and twirl! 🙂 I like my fuzzy skirt best with boots of any kind – dressy, riding or rugged. It’s super easy to dress this skirt up or down due to the style and fabric. I am crazy about it because it’s even better then wearing my pajama pants! It’s not every day I can find something that can compare to pj comfort and a skirt of all things?! Pretty stellar!

Blog Image RUFFLESKIRTSF6sm+(2) - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter
This skirt is SO soft and SWIRLY!

 I’m glad I’ve finally found it! A great skirt with a great fit for all bodies. YAY!

Happy skirt wearing!

ajax loader 2x - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter

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