Did you know you can get cheaper shipping at Soul-Flower.com if your total order weighs 13 ounces or less? True, true! Rule of thumb is, if it’s 13 ounces or less, it’s a First Class go!  Here are some rockin’ 13 ounces or less Soul Flower gifts of awesomeness that you can send to buds while saving!
small+affordable+gifts - Affordable Gifts that Ship for Less
Top left: Jewelry, Pippi Over the Knee Socks, Patch it Up Mini Bag, Crazy Daisy Headband or Ragin’ Reggae Sunglasses
Basically, you just want to think small and light. Once you get the hang of thinking in terms of 13 ounces or less, the creative mailing possibilities are endless. If you’re shopping on a tight budget, shopping according to product weight will definitely prove helpful. If you shop Soul Flower according to cost, most every item in the $10-$25 gift range falls into the 13 ounces or less category, as well!
affordable+gifts - Affordable Gifts that Ship for Less
Top left: Fraggle Fingerless Gloves, Glowing Mushrooms Organic Scarf, Heart of Iowa Handmade Soap, Oversized Beanie or a T-shirt like our Camp Give a Hoot
Quick Glance Ideas:
Hat or gloves
Arm/leg Warmers
Lip Balm
Tank top

If you mix and matched these items just right, you could even send 2 or 3 items and still qualify for the 13 ounces or less shipping! For even more gifting inspiration check out our Winter Lookbook: Give Light Give Love!

Will you be mailing out any Soul Flower presents this year? 🙂

your bud JacQ

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