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Tie-Dye Leggings

Tie-Dye Leggings

23 reviews

These tie dye leggings are to die for! With a super soft Viscose/Spandex blend, they are very soft, stretchy, and crazy-fun! These have a variety of tie-dye to make your pair completely unique. Elastic, high waisted with extra long inseam lengths to allow for scrunching and comfort. Ethically made and hand dyed in Thailand. 95% viscose, 5% spandex. Hand wash only, line dry.

Tie-dyed by hand - colors will vary.

JAY014 - Tie-Dye Leggings

Size & Fit:
Small- Low Waist: 302-34" Inseam: 30-32"
Medium - Low Waist: 34-38" Inseam: 31-33"
Large - Low Waist: 36-40" Inseam: 32-34"
X-Large - Low Waist: 40-44" Inseam: 33-35"

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Ethically Made
Each One Unique

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Reviews for: Tie-Dye Leggings

(4.4)23 Reviews

Hippie Chick
Very very happy!
I am so pleased with the two leggings I ordered; they are both different colors, super pretty. I would buy these again in a heartbeat. Also, I had no issues with the waistband. They are comfortable and though I have long legs, they are plenty long. Warning: wash them by hand alone, as the colors do bleed. Once they stop bleeding, then wash them at "handwash" or "delicate" settings in your washing machine with dark colors. Then hang dry.
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Arwen C Kyleverified buyer
Great leggings
Love the colors, like pictured. Perfect for wintertime most of all because they are thick. Would definitely buy again and would recommend spending the money on these!
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Hannahverified buyer
I adore these leggings
I've had these for a year now. I've worn them quite a bit and they still fit great and look great. I've put them through the wash and dryer many times, but I think I'm going to start washing them on delicate and hanging them to dry. I really really like these and I want to extend their life, but if you don't feel like doing that, my pair has held up to a year of fuss-free washes. I have a problem with some leggings where they don't stay on my waist. I think they aren't large enough for my hips &/or butt, but then they pucker around my waist and I always feel like my undies/butt crack is going to pop out. It's really uncomfortable. But, if you have the same problem as me, I totally recommenced these leggings! This pair doesn't do that! They stay put on my waist! The one drawback is they're too long for me, but I just cuff them and it works fine. For reference, I am about 5'5", 27 inch waist, 38 inch hips. I do think my legs are on the short side for my height. They are a really comfy material and very special looking. I love wearing them to yoga and around the house. Random side note, I wore these to paint my living room and they got paint splattered on them. The paint came out after a few washes! These are truly magic.
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Great print, ok construction
The print of these is really lovely & I get a lot of compliments. Unfortunately, like other reviewers, I'm disappointed in the construction. The waist band is thin, stiff, & uncomfortable. It rolls up while wearing. It isn't even too tight but still cuts in kind of oddly so that no matter what, it shows through the longer tanks I wear for yoga or in general with leggings & I have a cut off waist roll. I want to love these, but I find myself skipping over them every time I get dressed because all I can think about it the discomfort of the waist band. Definitely not worth the price when so many brands out there are making amazingly comfy yoga leggings & tights.
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Rochelle Dallonsverified buyer
Comfy and perfect!
The colors are gorgeous and they fit perfectly! Plus they are very soft. Love them...thinking of buying another pair.
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Katieverified buyer
Beautiful, BUT...
I really lovelovelove the look and feel of these leggings, but I HATE the waistband. It is very thin and uncomfortable after a day's wear. wish it could be made a little thicker, it digs in a bit. They are STILL my favorite leggings though, they look and feel SO GOOD otherwise.
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Dairyland Yogiverified buyer
I got my first pair of these several years ago and they're still holding up fine. They're beautiful, and standing the test of time. HOWEVER, I feel like quality has been reduced either in fabric or manufacturing process between then and now. I've since purchased 3 other pairs, and EACH ONE either arrived with frayed inner seams or immediately sprouted holes in the seams the first time wearing. "Wearing" means trying them on...the 3 new pairs were never even worn outside the house and I'm very sad that they now seem to be poorly constructed. I still love my originals and am crossing fingers that they hold up :(
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nancy youngverified buyer
i received my leggings today... I LOVE THE WAY THEY FEEL... however, I don't like the color... I'M SORRY!!!, I"m just not a "green" person. Other than that... they are well worth the money and feel amazing!
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Brooksverified buyer
I have purchased 4 pairs of these since last winter...they are AWESOME!! LOVE EM!!!
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Hayley Pragerverified buyer
Very comfortable!
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Absolutely adore these leggings... my favorite pair. Vibrant colors and very comfy!
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Love these!
These are great! Really soft and very cool! I've gotten lots of complements on them too!
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Groovy Leggings!
These leggings are very comfortable and fun to wear. I received my leggings this past Christmas and they came in earthy tones. The only problem is that a huge hole in the crotch formed just a few weeks after purchasing. But other than that, I love these leggings and I wear them always!
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Adorable, but...
These are great tights...but they are definitely TIGHTS and not leggings. That is the first issue. The second is that they are not quite as pictured. The waistband is actually a VERY thin elastic without much give (not the wider band as pictured) -- which means they dig a little (I even bought a size up from what I normally wear). BUT -- the pattern is awesome!
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I do but I don't
Yes I love the way they look and feel. But as soon as I got them in the mail, I noticed there was already a hole where the seams are. Fixed it. Then after washing them, (by hand) and drying them there were more holes! Cheaply made. I love them yes, and would like more. But, the quality isn't that great to me. Did anyone else have this problem?
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Just received my 2nd pair of these leggings,and I love them. True to size. I wear them every chance I get!
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Best leggings
Very comfortable. True fit, perfect fit also after wash and dry.
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In love
Totally in love with these leggings... Got so many compliments I got the green/turquoise ones and they are so bright and beautiful!! I want them in every color!! Will Be getting more ASAP!!! Super comfy...<3
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Fun Tights
Super fun tights! Very comfortable.
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mirka marlowe
Love them!
Got them in the mail yesterday, and have worn them since! they are super cumfy, super soft, and super cute and durable. am ordering another pair ( with request for different color )right now!
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fun leggings...but wrong color
i was so excited to receive these colorful leggins. i have tons of blues and purples that would go with the color above (blueish/purple tones). i received the green ones. they are really comfy but i am thinking of sending them back because i really fell in love with the blue ones. when ordering there is no option for color. because the blue ones are the ones displayed, i assumed this is what i would receive. just be mindful of this when purchasing.
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Awesome comfort
Love these and the colors are rich and they are the most comfortable leggings I own.
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Love them!
I recently received these just the other day and I absolutely love them and they are perfect. They are true to the fit, and I wear about a medium, they are stretchy and very comfortable. I even asked if they could send me a pair of earthy tone colors and sure enough they did! I love the colors and I will be ordering more soon! Good buy!
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