Here’s the 3rd round of Soul Flower’s office wishlists! Bri’s our one-of-a-kind bud. Obviously. It’s not everyday you see fish flakes on a holiday gotta-gets-me list. So if you’re wondering what to get that quirky friend in your life, the one with multiple cats, in want of a juicer, who’s presently gazing out at the milky way, then here you go!
Your gift pondering has ended, because Bri’s wishlist just saved you the pain of trying to think like one of those wishing-for-Dried-Bonito-Flakes-for-my-cat kinda oddballs: 😉
Bri's Wishlist - The Eccentric's Wishlist
JAK003 - The Eccentric's Wishlist
Oops, and this denim shirt – Pretend this is floating all pretty up there, instead of all awkward down here 😉
Bri’s Winter Wishlist and why she wants them:

Be Striped Tree Tapestry (Code: BSD013) I need more curtains in my new place. 

River Tiered Skirt (Code: MAT003) to pretend I’m girly.

L.A. Lady Blue Jean Shirt (Code: JAK003) because I’m actually more tomboy.

– Juicer Fountain: kale and apple juice 4eva
– Table Top Camera Dolly because I’m a nerd

Painted Elephant Organic Tank Top (Code: SOL333) for layering!
– Constellation Pillows because I’m a girl nerd with an awesome couch.
-Year supply of Fish Flakes because my cat’s actually rule the apartment.
What’s on your wishlist this year?


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