I grew up in the beautiful state of Michigan, I have moved various times since then, but for me Michigan will always remind me of growing up, and the simple beauty of nature. My afternoons were spent with my best friend, exploring the woods in her back yard, on camp-outs we would collect leafs, twigs, and acorns and build tiny “fairy” homes.
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Organic, fleece lined Cherry Blossom Tunic

Lazy summer days we would sprawl out in our backyard reading under our cherry tree. This wasn’t any ordinary cherry tree, it was a mix between a weeping willow and a cherry tree, so the long branches would almost create a pink, flowery curtain encircling us, and on windy days tiny petals would rain down like confetti, sprinkling the ground with papery pink pieces.

When I saw the Mod Cherry Tunic I was instantly reminded of those happy days. Even the design is so childlike, the large pockets, the jumper style and the wide collar, reminds me of something a cute little girl with pig-tails and ribbons would wear, it is so youthful and fun. The moment I got it I knew it would be a perfect outfit to wear while exploring and playing in the fall leaves.

My backyard now reminds me of my childhood memories, our house is older and tiny, and we have a few old trees that practically take over our yard, there branches create a green golden canopy and if it is windy, you might find a few leaves swirling around, almost like my cherry blossom days as a child.

There is something beautiful about the simplicity of nature, the colors of fall leaves, a whole rainbow of hues a gift from nature. I guess this little trip outside reminded me how beautiful fall can be, how amazing it is that I can find a million different shades of green in my own backyard, and to remember the happiness you can experience in little things.

Beautiful embroidery! 

Maybe it is the rainy weather, maybe it is a dogs sloppy kiss, or maybe it is a warm cozy sweater, whatever it is, breathe it in, let it remind you of the good and help you forgive the bad. Because there is nothing better than feeling like a child again.

For further info check out my blog Latter Day Style where I have a video review of the Cherry Blossom Tunic and my latest Soul Flower wishlist! 🙂

Happy fall,

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  1. jennytenth
    October 26, 2012 at 10:15 pm (12 years ago)

    I love your tights/leggings! Where are they from?


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