This Organic Robin Hoody Tunic is more than just a comfortable tunic in a beautiful color. This piece of clothing represents change, and a step in the right direction taken by people who not only have a desire to make the planet better, but who take initiative and make it happen!

Buds, I’m grateful to have a store like to provide me with wonderful brands like Earth Creations. This company makes their clothing with sustainable fabrics, such as organic hemp and cotton. Feel better and healthier knowing that your garment is free of any pesticides that could harm you or mother earth’s water sources. When it comes to dyes, no worries here; natural dyes (like clay) and low impact dyes are used instead of the usual toxic dyes and contaminating salt found in “conventional” clothing.
And another bonus is that this company supports made in the USA.

Jammin’ out to Scarlet Begonias – Sublime & Grateful Dead Cover in my Organic Robin Hoody Tunic!

This hemp tunic in particular is lovely. In addition to being guilt free it is so cute and comfortable. It has pockets, a hood, and long sleeves to keep you warm on those cold days (and at the same time, you don’t get overbearingly hot!). The cool buttons and details make it a stylish piece. Go for this tunic and support two awesome companies while looking great!

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