Are you looking for unique hemp gift ideas? Here are Soul Flower, our selection of hemp clothing and hemp accessories is always growing. We love hemp – and the many benefits of purchasing hemp clothing are beyond what we could repost here. But let us just say this: hemp is the wonder plant that could change our world! Share some hemp gifts with your friends and spread the good vibes this plant has to offer in its many forms. Check out our top hemp gift ideas:

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#1: Take Root Hemp T-Shirt
A unique hemp gift idea for the yoga lover in your life – this take root tee celebrates the root chakra and features hand drawn artwork!hemp gifts take root tee - Hemp Gifts - Unique Hemp Gift Ideas

Our men’s hemp shorts feature a blend of hemp and cotton fabric that gets softer and softer with each wash and wear!
Wander often and wonder always, for it is good for your soul. Do it in this USA made hemp t-shirt for some extra good vibes!
#4 Mandala Hemp Handbag
One of the beautiful mandalas featured at Soul Flower – this one is on a sweet hemp messenger bag.
hemp gifts hemp handbag - Hemp Gifts - Unique Hemp Gift Ideas
#5 Hemp Lip Balm
Soul Flower’s very own hemp lip balm with SPF15!
From festivals to camping to weekend road trips, this is the perfect hemp backpack for wherever you wander!
Features a sweet surprise – a secret Velcro closed pocket sewn into the inside to stash your favorite goodies.
hemp gifts hemp hat - Hemp Gifts - Unique Hemp Gift Ideas
For all the peaceful warriors out there!
Perfect for chilling at the beach, wandering in nature, or – as you guessed – checking out a ball game with your buds.
#10 Mens Hemp Pants
A Soul Flower bestseller for years and years, our jammin’ mens hemp pants!
hemp gifts hemp pants - Hemp Gifts - Unique Hemp Gift Ideas
And our hemp fit ideas don’t stop here, you can find even more online. New hemp items are being added every season. So if you’ve been searching for hemp gifts, look no further my friends, and enjoy all the hemp goodness that your buds at Soul Flower have to offer 🙂

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  1. Tomas Z
    December 28, 2012 at 10:42 pm (11 years ago)

    Nice gifts 🙂


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