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mandala 3 640x430 - Draw a Personal Mandala - Drawing a Mandala

Draw a Personal Mandala – Drawing a Mandala

The objects we keep in our homes say a lot about us. Decorations, keepsakes, trinkets, mementos, clothing, jewelry, and things we adorn ourselves with are all in our lives because we’ve chosen them. They’re special to us. Objects help tell stories and inspire us. In this post, I’ll show you how to draw a personal mandala, using inspiration taken from those trinkets around your home.

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Mandala Burnout Tunic

Hey there Buds!

Crazy past couple of months with school starting, getting back to Hawaii, trying to find a place to live, moving in, starting a new job, realizing my roommates and I aren’t a good fit, trying to get out of the lease, finding a new place and settling in again DURING MIDTERMS!!! Whew…glad that’s over with…

There’s always a silver lining to every cloud, though. I have met some truly awesome people this semester and thank the universe every day for making our paths cross. It’s crazy how during the hardest of times you see people’s true colors, which could be bad, but also can be incredibly bright. One of the people who I consider an angel, along with her boyfriend, have helped me more times than I can count and asked nothing in return. They are simply happy to have my company, or at least they say they are ;). Another friend reminds what it means to be strong and stand on your own even though the road is rocky at times, she teaches me with her actions every day. Of course, there is the crazy radical (puts me to shame!) who is there to challenge authority and challenge me to get to that next level of understanding. Of course, my family has been there every step of the way! My dad flew out here a few days after I called home to help me get out of that awful living situation, I don’t know what I would do without him or my mom who helped from the sidelines and held the fort down while he was gone.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can’t dwell on the negatives in life. Of course bad things happen and goodness knows I’ve punched a wall or two in frustration, however, I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason. That’s why I like my Mandala Burnout Tee, the design reminds me that the universe is cyclical and our lives are just part of its cycle.

This tunic is a great length, I love shirts that can act as a cover up at the beach (like I said in my Headdress article). It works great for a yoga session, or just lounging around in your yoga pants. I can wear it to a nice dinner with the right skirt or I could wear it to class with some jeans. It’s not a snug fit but it isn’t lose either, it fits like a shirt you’ve washed a bit but is still relatively new, which makes it snug in all the right place and loose in the places you need some extra wiggle room. The fabric is thin and lightweight and very soft, however it could be a bit see through. It’s fine if you don’t wear a neon pink or green bra with it ;p

Mahalo buds!

And let someone know that you’re grateful for having them in your life, yeah?

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Cam & her Soul Flower Mandala Bag

041 - Cam & her Soul Flower Mandala Bag

This bag review comes from our bud Cam. She recently received a Mandala Hippie Bag one of Soul Flower’s ongoing favorite bags. This bag is beautiful, well constructed and continues to stand the test of time. We could go on, but we will just let Cam tell you about it. Here she is:

The decision came easily when it was time to choose my first Soul Flower item – I went for the mandala bag. I received it a couple of weeks ago, and honestly, the catalog picture just doesn’t do it justice.

On the page, the color comes across as being muted, almost beige, but when you have an actual visual, it is a saturated shade of deep green. The threading that you see on it wraps all the way around the shoulder band, down the sides of the bag, and underneath it. The mandala is so awesome in person because you can see the detail, and different shades of thread! My first impression? This bag sure has a lot of threading to not see a strand out of place! Not one single little thread running amok! Somebody really took their time to construct this bag solidly, and it extends to the mandala design.

FPT004 - Cam & her Soul Flower Mandala BagBlog Image I also noticed that the shoulder strap at the top is very wide, so it will distribute the weight evenly. For someone whose bag gets heavier throughout the day, that is an added perk! The outside fabric is sturdy. I haven’t been exactly easy on it so far, and I see no snags or tears. Something else I like, there are zippers on both inside panels. One in the front, and one in the back. So, you get one big open space in the middle, but also two zippered compartments if you choose to use them. I like having separate spaces for the things I carry that I don’t want others to see if I have to dump my purse out to find my keys because they have disappeared down into the abyss again.
I chose the bag as something I would like to test out, and then spread the word to my buds, because I’m a mom. Most of my friends are moms. And, moms usually require some stylish storage. When I am out of the house there are things I have to carry with me. For instance, right now I have: two organic apples in case my son or I need a snack tomorrow, a book for those moments I get to sit & read somewhere, my camera, my MP3 player because my son loves to listen to it, a small journal, ink pens, two guitar picks, a flattened penny from a machine on River Street in Savannah, and my change purse. The best part about all that stuff being in there? The bag doesn’t even appear crammed full. So far, the response I’ve had from others has been really positive. I can’t wait to choose my next item, and add to my Soul Flower collection! Peace, buds! (btw, click here to see the bag on soul-flower’s site)


044 - Cam & her Soul Flower Mandala Bag

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om butterfly lotus tank top 760x570 - Lotus Inspiration: Butterfly Vibes

Lotus Inspiration: Butterfly Vibes

Among this week’s new releases at Soul Flower, one is a never-before-seen design. It’s called “Butterfly Vibes” and features a butterfly launching from lotus petals. This design is a half mandala filled with om signs and celestial imagery. As a lotus grows from murk and mud, this lotus & butterfly remind us that we can all grow in positive ways even during the darkest of times. (more…)

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JosieLaura 2020 089 760x570 - A Walk in the Garden

A Walk in the Garden

~A photo session from our first Adventures at Home series. Written & photographed by our bud Hannah. (Flower close-ups from our bud Oliver.)~

Since Covid-19 came to town there are two places I go to escape: one is my car and the other is my Aunt Laura’s garden. While my car may be filled with gas and music, it lacks the beauty and care that a 30 year old garden has. So today I’ll take you though a visual of what I see when I step inside her pride and joy.


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eco alternative 4th of july activities 760x570 - Eco-Friendly 4th of July Ideas

Eco-Friendly 4th of July Ideas

Independence Day 2020 – no doubt this weekend will feel a little different compared to past celebrations. Instead of long road trips, big parties, crowded festivals, or park fireworks events, we’ll be sticking closer to home (nothin’ wrong with that) and finding new eco-friendly ways to enjoy July 4th.

While we’re bucking old traditions, let’s make it a little more eco-friendly, too. Maybe we’ll discover new traditions we like better; ones that are kinder to our planet and our souls.


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free downloadable coloring page peace - Free Printable Coloring Page: Peace Fingers

Free Printable Coloring Page: Peace Fingers

creative writing prompts 760x570 - 64 Creative Journal Prompts

64 Creative Journal Prompts

To welcome our new 64-page, blank, 100% recycled notebooks, here are 64 creative journal prompts to fill a notebook and learn more about yourself in the process. Documenting your thoughts, dreams, and day-to-day happenings is a surefire way to notice the good in your life. Plus, reading back on old notebooks, journals, or diaries helps you see just how far you’ve come! Pick & choose from these creative journal prompts and let your creativity flow!


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Holiday Roundup Preview

Gifts for Free Spirits – Cool Boho Gifts

Whether for holiday, birthday, or just good vibes, we want to help you pick some special, unique items for those free spirits in your life. Are you are shopping for someone with true boho chic style? Looking for trends? Or looking for a cute treasure to add to your boho jewelry collection? Or just need some hippie vibes to help spread holiday cheer? Find our ultimate gift guide here: 10 awesomely amazing gifts for free spirits below and a few bonus tips to keep your hippy holidays festive, eco-friendly and full of (free) spirit!


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chakras preview 760x500 - How to Activate Your Chakras

How to Activate Your Chakras

chakra locations sm 216x300 - How to Activate Your ChakrasBlog Image Chakras are areas of energy in the body that run through your center from the base of your spine to the top of your head. The word “chakra” (prounounced “CHOCK-rah”) is Sanskrit, meaning “wheel”, which refers to the spinning energy in each one. Each chakra has its own symbolism and each affects different aspects of your being: physical, mental, and spiritual. The energy of a chakra can be low, high, or anywhere it between – it exists on a spectrum – but a chakra is never fully “closed.” The chakras work best when balanced. Keeping that in mind, you can work to activate your chakras one at a time, starting with where you feel needs attention. If you’re unsure where to start, try taking a chakra balancing quiz online or just starting at the foundation (Root chakra) and work your way up. (more…)

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preview halloween 760x500 - DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas - Hippie Outfits for Every Day

DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas – Hippie Outfits for Every Day

Our hippie outfit ideas are perfect for year round! Really buds, you don’t need Halloween to dress up as a hippie – just choose a hippie outfit any day of the year to spread vibes of peace, love and hippy-ness! It all starts witha  look through your own closet of funky threads and pull together a DIY hippie outift. So what’s the difference between one of these hippie outfits and a regular day outfit? Really nothing (except your state of mind)! Dressing like a hippie is cool every day. So think of these less like DIY  hippie costumes and more like every day DIY hippie outfits and have fun finding some cool hippie threads!


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Eco Baby Gifts Preview

Gifts for Tree Lovers – Tree Themed Gifts

Are you looking for unique, hand-crafted gifts for a tree lover in your life? Here at Soul Flower, we create funky organic items and eco-friendly clothing with Mother Earth in mind. We use sustainable and organic materials always. And we cater to tree-hugging earth lovers … so if you are searching the internet for a crunchy, organic baby gift for a that new natural mama… or looking to find a nature lover’s t-shirt for that relative who would just rather be camping… we’ve got you covered! We will help you find perfect eco-friendly gifts for tree lovers in your life. Take a look at our top tree themed gifts from Soul Flower and some of our other favorite sites.


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mandala 760x570 - Best Yoga Headbands - Hot Yoga Headbands

Best Yoga Headbands – Hot Yoga Headbands

Looking for the Best Yoga Headbands? Yes Please! Our Bud Reanna (from Live Laugh Blog) recently told us how much she loves our boho headbands – especially for her hot yoga practice. These boho yoga headbands are eco-friendly, very versatile and available in a plethora of colors and designs. We are constantly making new yoga-inspired designs (like our newest Chakra Headband Collection!), so you have lots to choose from. Read on to hear a few things Reanna loves about using our headbands in her hot yoga practice, and why she thinks these are the best yoga headbands out there! (more…)

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