Our hippie outfit ideas are perfect for year round! Really buds, you don’t need Halloween to dress up as a hippie – just choose a hippie outfit any day of the year to spread vibes of peace, love and hippy-ness! It all starts witha  look through your own closet of funky threads and pull together a DIY hippie outift. So what’s the difference between one of these hippie outfits and a regular day outfit? Really nothing (except your state of mind)! Dressing like a hippie is cool every day. So think of these less like DIY  hippie costumes and more like every day DIY hippie outfits and have fun finding some cool hippie threads!

Be sure to watch out for scary fast fashion when putting together your hippie outfit, there is nothing worse than wearing something once and never again! At Soul Flower, we carry hippie chic clothing you can use for a hippie costume AND for years to come.

Hippie Outfit Idea 1: Flower Child

diy hippie halloween outfit hippie flower child - DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas - Hippie Outfits for Every Day

Make a Flower Child Hippie Ourfit. Here are some tips to dress like a Flower Child, start with:

  1. One of Soul Flower’s Boho Tops
  2. Flare bell bottoms: Bell Bottom Leggings
  3. A patchy hippy bag: Patchwork Hobo Bag
  4. BONUS INSPIRATION: DIY Flower Crown blog
  5. PLAYLIST: Smiles for Miles

Hippie Outfit Idea 2: Ski Bunny

diy hippie halloween outfit ski bunny - DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas - Hippie Outfits for Every Day

For this DIY hippie costume, you can just look thru your winter threads and pick some items that you can layer on – stay warm and cozy as a Ski Bunny! Check out these ideas:

  1. A cozy sweater: Woodsy Lace-Up Hooded Sweater
  2. Warm mittens: Striped Flip Back Mittens
  3. A big fuzzy hat: Knit Pom Pom Hat
  4. Layering printed yoga pants: Stirrup Yoga Pants
  5. BONUS INSPIRATION: 5 Ways to Warm Up blog
  6. PLAYLIST: Cabin Fever

Hippie Outfit Idea 3: Festi Fanatic

diy hippie halloween outfit festival fashion - DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas - Hippie Outfits for Every Day

We know you went to a festival sometime in the last year – so embrace those vibes buds! This hippie outfit isn’t hard to capture, just think summer festival. For a hippie outfit like a Festi Fanatic, try these options:

  1. Bohemian Pants: Women’s Hippie Pants
  2. A funky graphic tank: graphic tank tops
  3. Tapestry: Hippie Tapestries
  4. Festival hat: Hemp Hats (rasta, rainbow, natural)
  5. A festi bag: Boho bags and boho backpacks
  6. Boho Chic Jewelry: Boho Chic Jewelry
  7. BONUS INSPIRATION: Top 5 Must-Haves for Festival Season blog
  8. PLAYLIST: Festi Favorites

Hippie Outfit Idea 4: Treehugger

diy hippie halloween outfit earth lover - DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas - Hippie Outfits for Every Day

This hippie outfit idea is simple, it is all about the trees! This hippe outfit will bring out the eco freako in you. To dress like a Tree Hugger, start with:

  1. Tree-themed of another one of our hippie bags: Tree of Life Sling Bag
  2. Organic cotton yoga pants: Organic Cotton Yoga Pants
  3. Nature graphic: Mandala Tree T-Shirt Dress
  4. Boho jewelry: Tree of Life Earrings and Sacred Geometry Jewelry
  5. BONUS INSPIRATION: 10 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Tree Lovers blog
  6. PLAYLIST: Get Folked Up

Hippie Halloween Outfit Idea 5: Hooper
diy hippie halloween outfit hooping hula hoop - DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas - Hippie Outfits for Every Day

This DIY hippie outfit involves a prop: A hula hoop. Beyond that, the rest is up to you! For an awesome Hooping outfit, get a hoop and try these ideas:

  1. Form-fitting top: Fitted Crop Tank
  2. Funky leggings: Wrap Leggings in Organic Cotton
  3. Colorful bohemian jewelry: Boho Beaded Earrings
  4. Something tie-dye: Tie-Dye Pixie Top
  5. BONUS INSPIRATION: DIY Festi Hula Hoop blog
  6. PLAYLIST: Hooping Faves

Hippie Halloween Outfit Idea 6: Fortune Teller

diy hippie halloween outfit hippie fortune teller outfits - DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas - Hippie Outfits for Every Day

Are you looking for a DIY costume with witchy AND hippie vibes? Grab some tarot cards and a magic 8 ball and hit the road as a Fortune Teller! Here are some ideas to create a sweet Fortune Teller outfit:

  1. A boho blouse: Classic Hippie Gauze Top
  2. Flowy skirt: Tiered Boho Skirt with Pockets
  3. Hippie T-Shirt: Hippie T-Shirts for Women
  4. Raw Crystal necklace: Natural Crystal Jewelry
  5. Sacred geometry headband: Merkaba Bohemian Headband
  6. Layers of rings: Boho Rings
  7. BONUS INSPIRATION: Crystal Meanings & Properties blog
  8. PLAYLIST: Fall Equinox

Hippy Halloween Outfit Idea 7: Boho Babe

diy hippie halloween boho babe - DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas - Hippie Outfits for Every Day

We know you are already a boho babe so this DIY hippie outfit isn’t really a costume, it is more like you can just dress like you always do! So whether you consider your vibe to always be boho babe, or you want to try a boho hippie costume to show off some extra groovy hippie vibes, try these tips!

  1. A flowy kimono: The Blues Kimono with Fringe
  2. A Cotton T-Shirt Dress: Modern Dream Tank Dress
  3. Loads of boho style jewelry
  4. Boho headband: Soul Flower Boho Headbands
  5. BONUS INSPIRATION: Boho Babe @jeanqueenn’s Top 6 Picks blog
  6. Boho Backpack Love: Woven Boho Backpack
  7. PLAYLIST: Renewal

Hippie Halloween Outfit Idea 8: Rocker Rebel

diy hippie halloween outfit rebel rocker - DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas - Hippie Outfits for Every Day

Here are some hippie clothes that work great for a Rockin’ Rebel outfit! This hippie outfit has rockin’ vibes, so don’t forget to borrow a uke or drum from a friend and try these tips:

  1. Tie-dye leggings: Tie-Dye Leggings
  2. A rockin’ headband: Soul Flower Headbands
  3. A Boho Blouse: Go Lightly Hippie Jacket
  4. Something strappy in black (from our organic bra selection): Strappy Back Bralette
  5. BONUS INSPIRATION: DIY Tie-Dye Party Ideas blog
  6. PLAYLIST: Rockin’ Rebellion

Hippie Halloween Outfit Idea 9: Star Gazer

diy hippie halloween outfit star gazer - DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas - Hippie Outfits for Every Day

Check what phase the moon is in, grab your binoculars, and spend the evening pointing at the night sky. A cozy blanket to wrap yourself in and a thermos full of hot tea are optional but help complete this star-gazer look!

  1. The Resistance Cowl Hoody: Moon Chaser Cowl
  2. Printed Yoga Pants
  3. Wear the sky on your tee: “Look up and get lost”
  4. Boho headband: Moon Beam
  5. Moon Phase Leggings
  6. BONUS INSPIRATION: Solar Eclipse
  7. PLAYLIST: Camping Jams

Hippie Halloween Outfit Idea 10: Wanderer

diy hippie halloween outfit wanderer - DIY Hippie Outfit Ideas - Hippie Outfits for Every Day

Road tripper, hitchhiker, thru-hiker, #vanlife, or just wandering through this journey called life… throw on the best of your on-the-road gear, grab a paper map and a walking stick, and tell everyone you can’t wait to get on the road again. This hippie outfit is called Wanderer!

  1. Wanderlust for all: Muscle Tank, T-Shirt, Hoody, Sticker(!)
  2. Pants anyone in the van can wear: Spirit Sage Striped Hippie Pants
  3. “Home is Where You Park It”
  4. A variety of bags to carry your life in: Hippie Bags & Boho Backpacks
  5. BONUS INSPIRATION: How to Be a Wandering Soul
  6. PLAYLISTS: Smiles for Miles and Roadtrippin’

Need more hippie outfit ideas? Check out this super fun and magical blog post from the past: 5 Soul Flower-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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    Such a nice blog. Beautiful Ideas of Hippie clothes for Women. All are so good, but I liked the Boho Babe mainly. Really it is very nice to have so many tips about what to and how to wear Hippie dresses.


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