Independence Day 2020 – no doubt this weekend will feel a little different compared to past celebrations. Instead of long road trips, big parties, crowded festivals, or park fireworks events, we’ll be sticking closer to home (nothin’ wrong with that) and finding new eco-friendly ways to enjoy July 4th.

While we’re bucking old traditions, let’s make it a little more eco-friendly, too. Maybe we’ll discover new traditions we like better; ones that are kinder to our planet and our souls.

Dills over grills

Instead of stressing over lighter-fluid-splashed red meat on the grill, try a vegan charcuterie platter! And don’t forget reusable straws, napkins and silverware.

Share with family on the patio table, or set up an instagram-worthy picnic with a tapestry and fruit-infused water.charcuterie picnic - Eco-Friendly 4th of July IdeasBlog Image

A drop instead of an ocean

Instead of worrying about water being wasted for a backyard sprinkler water park, try a cool outdoor foot bath!

This uses a lot less water and is still refreshing under the hot sun.

Add some natural ingredients like lavender essential oil for a therapeutic soak, or keep it simple with just cool water. Extra credit if you can stand a few ice cubes thrown in!

outdoor footbath - Eco-Friendly 4th of July Ideas

The star-spangled sky

Instead of scaring dogs and annoying your neighbors by setting off fireworks, embrace the natural lights of the skies with a full moon ritual!

Summer’s first full moon will hit its peak around midnight of the 4th. It’s the perfect time to spend the night outdoors reveling in the magic of the natural world.

During daylight, gather wildflowers and interesting plants and DIY a flower crown to wear while dancing under the moonlight. When the sun sets, that’s when the magic happens!

moon dance - Eco-Friendly 4th of July Ideas

Crafts over masks

Instead of joining the masses at non-socially-distanced events, try some chill creative activities that you can do at home!

Gather some sticks, wildflowers, leaves, and grasses and craft a nature weaving.

If you’ve got the space (and enough natural materials), create a yard mandala using flowers and leaves or sticks and rocks. You can even make it into a game!

nature mandala - Eco-Friendly 4th of July Ideas

If it rains…

Happiness is homemade

Instead of bumming that your outdoor plans are ruined, embrace the indoors with some keep-busy DIY projects!

Gather some rocks and paint mandala garden stones, or build a boho tent and have a photoshoot.

Upcycle old white tees or fabric with earth-toned natural plant-based tie-dye.

If all you’ve got is scraps of fabric or bits & pieces of ribbons and sewing notions, sew a hippie banner or prayer flags.

sewing hippie flag - Eco-Friendly 4th of July Ideas

Happy Eco-Friendly 4th of July, buds – we hope you enjoy finding new ways to enjoy it and the whole summer!

Eco Friendly 4th of July

eco alternative 4th of july activities - Eco-Friendly 4th of July Ideas

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