Hey BUDS! A lot of you have been wearing our headbands as face covers. So many, in fact, that we came up with a little advice for you, and a few ideas of some cool, new ways to wear them as a face cover!

A few of you have asked about our boho headbands and whether they can be worn as a mask, so we are letting you know…

our headbands are multifunctional and can be worn on the neck (neckerchief!) and easily pulled over your nose, mouth and chin. They will give you a little extra protection from nature’s elements. And, when this at-home-hibernation passes, they will continue to be a favorite headband you can wear every day for yoga, jogging, or just because. These are not medical-grade facemasks, but with a little modification, they are close!”

There are a few creative ways to wear these boho headbands as masks… Of course, you can just use it as-is and slide it down over your face. But, if you put in a little extra work, we found a couple more ways to be able to add a filter and upgrade your mask game.

Face Cover #1: Single Layer, over your mouth and nose

IMG 4848 1024x682 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 EditionIMG 5026 1 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

This one is simple, just pull it over your mouth and nose and be on your way! It is simple and easy, but some of us want a little extra…

How can I add a filter? How can this mask better protect me and others? What if I want even more layers? Well, we have a couple more ideas!

Face Cover #2: Double Layer no-sew, filter ready, with a tie

List of Supplies you will need for Face Cover #2:

  1. A Soul Flower Headband of any color or style
  2. A comfortable string (here we used a shoelace, keep it soft, avoid twine)
  3. A CDC approved filter (here we use a coffee filter, you can also use blue shop towels, air filter, vacuum bag, paper towel, etc.)

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 15 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

Pictured above our headband of choice, shoe string and filter

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 12 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

Gigi places shoe string around her neck.

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 11 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

And then slides the headband up to her neck, image side down to her lap

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 10 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

Next she pulls the string up around her head

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 09 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

And ties it on top

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 08 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

Pulling up the back side first

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 07 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

And then sliding the filter in between the two sides

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 06 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

Again with the hair getting in the way!! Adjust and voila you’ve got a mask!

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 16 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

Face Cover #3: Filter Double Layer sew, filter ready, with hair bands

List of Supplies you will need for Face Cover #3:

  1. A Soul Flower Headband of any color or style
  2. Two hair ties or two comfortable strings (or elastic band if you have that on hand)
  3. A CDC approved filter
  4. Needle and thread or a sewing machine

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 05 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

We had our Bud Rachel cut the back of the headband in 1/2, slide both hair ties on and then sew the back up with a center stitch! (We didn’t get a photo of that process but trust us, it is simple!!)

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 04 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

GiGi slides the bands into place to center the design

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 03 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

Over one ear and then the next (if you have bigger ears like me you might want the string or longer elastic method over a hair tie)

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 02 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

Once more with a filter

Covid19 Boho Hippie Mask 01 - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

Boom MASK done!

The mask on me respects the mask on you. Namaste!

ajax loader 2x - Boho Headbands, COVID-19 Edition

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