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take=a=hike - Let's Go Take a Hike!
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Take a Hike Recycled T-Shirt!

Oh the places a shirt will take you! When I saw this eco-friendly shirt I knew it had to be mine. I love to hike, and when I have it on it inspires me to see knew places and find new hikes! Today I found myself in Waipio Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii; hiking the “Z” trail to the Queen’s Bath.  It is a long and beautiful hike, walking along the edge of a steep mountain side you get higher above the ocean as you reach the first turn of the “Z”.   We don’t see anyone else on the hike the entire time and its as if we are in our own magical wonderland, passing fresh fruits and  beautiful flowers in full bloom.  We stop every so often to take in the beauty that surrounded us and to try to not let it take our breath away.

recycled+hike+tshirt - Let's Go Take a Hike!hiker+style - Let's Go Take a Hike!
hiker+tshirt - Let's Go Take a Hike!

Hiking makes me really appreciate the world and its magnificent point of view, I am the person I want to be in moments like this.  We make our way out of the sun and into the bamboo forest where we can’t help but climb around for a bit and slide down the huge bamboo stalks to the cool forest floor.  We finally reach the Queen’s Bath and slide in for a quick dip, the water is freezing; but that doesn’t stop us from pretending to be Hawaiian royalty in our own private Utopia.  As the sun starts to set, we start the hike down; its much quicker, but just as beautiful! We even see some wild horses on the way out of the forest to the beach, a mother and her blonde haired baby! Oh the places Taking A Hike can bring you! 

<3 Hannah!

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