With all the heat going on here lately, we feel like we’ve become professionals at keeping things cooool! We’ve learned from experience that there’s no need to get your new threads all sweaty – you don’t even need AC!

stay+cool - 50 Ways to Stay Cool
Here’s our top 50 ways to beat the heat!
  • Keep a wet cloth in your cooler and place it across the back of your neck
  • Keep your water bottle with you and stay hydrated
  • Have an ice cream or  Popsicle!
  • Eat some ice cubes (share some with your pet!)
  • Place your feet in chilly water
  • On a cool day, plant a tree or two in your yard to have more shade in the future
  • Keep your beverage cold with a Freaker Knit Koozie
  • Run through a sprinkler
  • Make a slip ‘n’ slide in your backyard  
  • Stay in the shade


ways+to+stay+cool - 50 Ways to Stay Cool
  • Go to the BEACH!!
  • Put your hair up in a high bun and get it off your neck
  • Chop your hair for a new summer look?
  • Rock a hemp hat and keep the sun off your face
  • Water fight!!
  • Drink more water (Again!)
  • Sit right smack in front of the fan
  • Clip a mini fan onto your hip pack
  • Make Italian Ice
  • Set up a slumber party for your family in the cool part of your house
50+ways+to+stay+cool - 50 Ways to Stay Cool
  • Go to a water park
  • Make homemade shakes
  • Freeze fruit and eat it all chilly – it will taste as yummy as any Popsicle!
  • Run cold water over your wrists for a few seconds to bring down your body temp
  • Take a cold shower or bath
  • Go inside a shop or restaurant with AC to cool off
  • Read a book under a tree while lying on your favorite tapestry
  • Exercise in the early morning or late evening when the sun is no longer at its peak
  • No trees around? Shade your self with a fun umbrella
  • Wear white or light colored clothing, avoid black
cool+off+beach - 50 Ways to Stay Cool
  • Keep aloe vera in your frig so it’s nice and chilly when you apply it
  • Wear hemp clothing; hemp provides more UV protection than average cotton
  • Put your towel in a plastic bag and place it in your freezer. It will feel awesome wrapped around you
  • Keep your sunscreen in your cooler at the beach
  • Recycle paper by folding it into a fan
  • Flap a Soul Flower catalog in front of your face
  • Exercise in a pool! Lift water weights, walk & swim laps without breaking a sweat
  • Make a variety of homemade beverages such as flavored ice teas and lemonade
  • Add mint, lemon or cucumber to your water for an even cooler taste (yup, water…Again!)
  • Avoid getting sunburn, that prickly hot feeling doesn’t help anyone feel cool
cool+off+chill - 50 Ways to Stay Cool


  • Slow down. Real hot days are a time to take it easy; don’t over stress your body.
  • Keep your blinds shut to prevent the sun from heating your house
  • Don’t turn on house lights unless you absolutely have to
  • Place fans near windows to circulate air better
  • Avoid using your oven; make cold sandwiches and salads instead
  • Don’t layer your clothing
  • Heck, wear only your swimsuit all day if you can (but don’t forget SUNSCREEN!)
  • Have a party or movie a-thon in your basement
  • Play games in the pool all day like volleyball and badminton
  • Wear sandals to avoid overheating your feet
How have you been staying cool?

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1 Comment on 50 Ways to Stay Cool

  1. Brandy H
    July 16, 2012 at 6:00 pm (8 years ago)

    I’ve been drinking a lot of water and avoiding the heat. We’re trying to conserve energy by keeping the lights low or totally off. Sometimes my favorite thing to do is sit in front of a fan and just relax. Feels so good after being outside for awhile.


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