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The Best BFF Bracelets

My best friend’s name is Audrey Louise, my name is Hannah Louise; this was our first bonding experience. We have been best friends for five years, and she is a beautiful light in my life. Since she is so special, I wanted to get her something really special. I had gotten her a few cool things, but nothing that meant anything to our relationship. I wanted it to be something from my heart, that she could look at daily and think about us. That’s what I found in these beautifully handmade Funky Friendship Bracelets. She LOVED hers!

Blog Image funky+friendship+bracelets - The Best BFF Bracelets
Besties for LIFE!

Each of the bracelets were colored right to our personalities; vibrant and beautiful! We couldn’t get enough of holding each others hands to put them together. They are comfortable to wear and we each wear ours every day; it bonds us together and reminds us that we each have a best friend that is there for the other one no matter what. Even though we may live far apart now, I know that she still has my back; and I can feel her constant love, even hundreds of miles away.

If I am ever feeling lonely, or like I have no where to turn; I just hold up my wrist and realize that I have a best friend, forever. I will never be alone, I will always have someplace to turn. She is a part of my family, and I love her like no other. Miles can’t destroy what we have, and our bracelets are there as a reminder if we are ever in doubt.

Blog Image wide+friendship+bracelet - The Best BFF Bracelets
Funky friends forever!

Even though we are miles apart, these BFF Bracelets will always connect our hearts  I love you Audrey Louise.

Peace & Happiness Buds,
Give your BFF a good squeeze; whenever you get the opportunity.
xo, Hannah Louise

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Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long

Oh Autumn, you go so well with my Lotus Stack Organic Maxi! With your beautiful colors and the slight chill of the season, you make my outfit so easy.
Blog Image soul+flower+original+skirt - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
This Skirt Dances to the Song that is Autumn!
This skirt brought comfort from my travels up north to Cape Cod all the way down to Stoney Brook State Park in upstate New York; all while bringing great color to my already beautiful surroundings. It swayed and danced in the ocean breeze of the Cape and kept me warm in the brisk air; I loved how it felt as the wind whipped it around. There’s something about being on an empty beach in front of a beautiful windy sea; with your hair swirling and the waves crashing, I couldn’t have picked a more perfect skirt for the occasion. I took a deep breath of salty air and felt so thankful and happy.
I wore the skirt again hiking with my dogs in Stony Brook State Park. I rolled it up so my knees could lift easier and to keep it out of the water. The lotus flowers go all the way down to the bottom of the skirt, so it looked great at a shorter length too. It was a warm day and it kept me cool enough all the way into the evening, and when the temperature dropped I rolled it back down to keep me warm throughout the rest of the night.
Blog Image lotus+flower+skirt - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
Roll the waistband for a shorter skirt!
I like the skirt a lot, I think its just lovely, and it’s so wonderfully versatile. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to look good, while being able to relax and be yourself.
Blog Image lotus+flower+maxi+skirt - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Skirt
I hope you are all appreciating this beautiful season and taking advantage of these last few warm, sunny days. There is so much to be thankful for and so much to smile about. Look around, the world is beautiful; and so are you.
Peace & Happiness to You All,

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SOL945alt2 818x1000 760x570 - Namaste in my Namaste Tank Top

Namaste in my Namaste Tank Top

A running stream, a beautiful waterfall, a quiet forest, and my Namaste Tank Top; it’s a beautiful day and a perfect recipe for some meditation and yoga. Namaste represents the belief that there is a divine spark within each of us, which is located in the heart chakra. It is expressed through placing the hands together at the heart, closing your eyes, and bowing your head. It can also be done by placing your hands together at your third eye, bowing your head, and bringing your hands down to your heart. This gesture represents the acknowledgment of the soul in one, by the soul in another.

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Let’s Go Take a Hike!

 Up to the Highest Height’s

Blog Image hike+tee - Let's Go Take a Hike!
Take a Hike Recycled T-Shirt!

Oh the places a shirt will take you! When I saw this eco-friendly shirt I knew it had to be mine. I love to hike, and when I have it on it inspires me to see knew places and find new hikes! Today I found myself in Waipio Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii; hiking the “Z” trail to the Queen’s Bath.  It is a long and beautiful hike, walking along the edge of a steep mountain side you get higher above the ocean as you reach the first turn of the “Z”.   We don’t see anyone else on the hike the entire time and its as if we are in our own magical wonderland, passing fresh fruits and  beautiful flowers in full bloom.  We stop every so often to take in the beauty that surrounded us and to try to not let it take our breath away.

Hiking makes me really appreciate the world and its magnificent point of view, I am the person I want to be in moments like this.  We make our way out of the sun and into the bamboo forest where we can’t help but climb around for a bit and slide down the huge bamboo stalks to the cool forest floor.  We finally reach the Queen’s Bath and slide in for a quick dip, the water is freezing; but that doesn’t stop us from pretending to be Hawaiian royalty in our own private Utopia.  As the sun starts to set, we start the hike down; its much quicker, but just as beautiful! We even see some wild horses on the way out of the forest to the beach, a mother and her blonde haired baby! Oh the places Taking A Hike can bring you! 

<3 Hannah!

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Three Little Birds Hi-lo Dress – Bird Is The Word!

I was so excited when the “Three Little Birds” hi-lo dress landed on my door step! Soft organic cotton and a loose fit, all while being fashionable and fun! This dress truly does put the fun in functionality.  Functionality in a stylish dress is something hard to find. Not only is this dress really adorable, it’s super comfortable as well. It really gives you the freedom to move around and soar up into trees at a moment’s notice.

I love to get in touch with nature, from taking hikes up waterfalls to planting in my garden.  And with the comfort of this racerback dress; there is nothing you will feel held back from!  It’s perfect for beautifying the front yard with flowers and planting or playing in the dirt all day!

From the sandy white beaches of Hawaii to the tops of the fruit trees, I can’t think of anywhere I wouldn’t wear this Three Little Birds dress. The greatest thing about it truly is its versatility.  It slips on easily after a long days swim in the Pacific.

A day at the beach playing with my puppy Luna is a breeze in this dress.  Its loose fit allows it to flow in the cool ocean breeze and its racer back style allows your shoulders to still get some sun, while the rest of you stays covered up as you’re chasing after your dog!

Walking the shoreline, swimming in the crystal blue waters, lying in the sun, playing fetch; it’s a day in paradise!  An adventurous day like this certainly leaves very little time for planning a wardrobe change before we head out for some fish tacos, good thing I am ready for anything in the only outfit I need!


Bird truly is the word!

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