My best friend’s name is Audrey Louise, my name is Hannah Louise; this was our first bonding experience. We have been best friends for five years, and she is a beautiful light in my life. Since she is so special, I wanted to get her something really special. I had gotten her a few cool things, but nothing that meant anything to our relationship. I wanted it to be something from my heart, that she could look at daily and think about us. That’s what I found in these beautifully handmade Funky Friendship Bracelets. She LOVED hers!

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Besties for LIFE!

Each of the bracelets were colored right to our personalities; vibrant and beautiful! We couldn’t get enough of holding each others hands to put them together. They are comfortable to wear and we each wear ours every day; it bonds us together and reminds us that we each have a best friend that is there for the other one no matter what. Even though we may live far apart now, I know that she still has my back; and I can feel her constant love, even hundreds of miles away.

If I am ever feeling lonely, or like I have no where to turn; I just hold up my wrist and realize that I have a best friend, forever. I will never be alone, I will always have someplace to turn. She is a part of my family, and I love her like no other. Miles can’t destroy what we have, and our bracelets are there as a reminder if we are ever in doubt.

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Funky friends forever!

Even though we are miles apart, these BFF Bracelets will always connect our hearts  I love you Audrey Louise.

Peace & Happiness Buds,
Give your BFF a good squeeze; whenever you get the opportunity.
xo, Hannah Louise

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