These awesome Tie-Dye Leggings are as much fun to look at as they are to wear! They were perfect for winter in South Carolina! The weather was warm and sunny, but there was quite a chilly breeze coming off the Atlantic, & I was happy to have these!

Tie Dye Leggings

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Each pair of tie-dye leggings is unique! 🙂

If you know me, you know that I like to be comfortable on a daily basis. I do a lot of outside activities, and those activities usually involve my pup Luna, who loves to run around all crazy; & she tends to jump up on me in these excited episodes. So since we were running around on the beach pretty much the whole time, she was getting wet & sandy; & these tie-dye tights were perfect for the conditions. They didn’t show any paw prints & I didn’t mind that she was all wet, because with the tights protecting my legs, I didn’t even notice. And the best part is that they are so soft and comfortable, so I never had to worry about a wardrobe change through out my activities in the day.

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Even my puppy loves these tie-dye tights 

Tie Dye Leggings at the Beach

From the beach we headed to the strip for some evening fun, & I got a bunch of compliments on them as I strutted my stuff down the boardwalk. As the temperature cooled, my legs stayed warm. I added a zip up to my outfit and I was good to go again.

tiedye+leggings - Tie-Dye Leggings - Workout or Not!Blog Image
Living life, feeling good!

To me, the leggings shout, “I love being me!”. They show a part of you just by wearing them; a free, happy part of yourself that can’t be hidden behind solid colors. I love expressing myself through what I wear, and these lovely leggings make it so easy!
And it never hurts to hear that my boyfriend thinks I’m sexy in them. 🙂 Everyone wins with these gems.

fave+tie+dye+leggings - Tie-Dye Leggings - Workout or Not!

Peace & Happiness Buds,

Don’t forget to get outside 🙂
xo, Hannah

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  1. Lisa Roberson
    January 16, 2013 at 5:45 pm (11 years ago)

    Completely adorable!


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