Fall. A season like no other here in Iowa. I wait all year just to shoot photos and paint images of the colorful variations in the rolling hills. Equally as marvelous is to simply roam around admiring the beautiful multi-colored swirls in a single leaf. Life is changing all around. Hues of yellowy golds, reds, rust and copper are rushing in and they are simply breath taking! How interesting are trees anyway? Their ability to begin conserving energy for the long winter ahead – triggering their leaves to turn these amazing shades before they “fall”. Fascinating really, just another living organism going through their own cycles in life, just like us.

Blog Image sfsixpence2+(2) - Handmade Paisley Hat
Heart the side bow!
While the cycle of falls outdoor color has me thrilled to no end, there’s another cycle brewing in my closet! Time to change my wardrobe! It’s a joyous process really, getting to break out warmer clothing I had forgotten I owned (like my ol’ Soul-Flower winter favs) and even making a few trips to recycle warm items someone else can enjoy. This seasonal change also means adding some new things into the mix and getting to wear more layers, jackets, boots and hats. YES, HATS! I love hats, but only really great fitting ones and yeppers the Soul-Flowers new Sixpence Paisley Hatis in that group! It is the bees knees! This hat is perfect for fall and for my love of it’s warm colors which are all gathered together by pretty paisley designs. The Sixpence Paisley blends in perfectly with all the outdoor scenery and I now get to enjoy wearing the colors I enjoy see everywhere!  

Blog Image sfsixpence1s - Handmade Paisley Hat
It seriously goes with everything!
 The features on this years hat model includes a super cute little green/blue bow and soft velvety fabric that make it perfect for wearing with dressier duds. Just the same the relaxed style of the Sixpence Paisley keeps it laid back and chill enough for casualdays. I‘ve realized in my hat quest that NOT all are created equal and have come cross many a hat that fail to look or fit “right” once on my head but I’m quite convinced that this handmade style is a good fit for anyone! The little miss sixpence is also really fun to wear when you add your own style flare! I like to wear mine with the brim just a tad off to the right side combined with a little forward tilt. So, if you’re a hat wearer, need a hat for the occasional bad hair day or just want to try something new, this hat’s for you!

Blog Image sfsixpence3 - Handmade Paisley Hat
Sixpence Paisley Hat, handmade in the USA
Hats off to ya,

P.S. I’ve had so many people come up and ask me about this hat – moms for themselves and their daughters, grandmothers and even guys for their gals! They all agree – great style, cool fit and of course unique colors and pattern! So, get it while you can…I’m just sayin! 🙂

ajax loader 2x - Handmade Paisley Hat

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  1. Orchidhead
    February 22, 2013 at 5:11 am (11 years ago)

    Got to love that vintage paisley. Perfect fall colours.


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