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Walkin on Sunshine Eco Hoody

When the air starts to get crisp and the warmth of the sun begins to fade, its a Soul-Flower hoody I reach for! This past weekend I put my newest member to the test. It’s great to have a free day and my meandering Saturday landed me in a touristy area full of shops, an old train and way cool outdoor art! Of course my Walkin’ on Sunshine hoody accompanied me. I started the morning with it wrapped around my waste, by afternoon I was delighted to put it on and by sunset I was zipped up and hooded! Perfect fall day progression! 🙂

I ordered the small, it’s a great fit with room for a t-shirt or two underneath. It’s a great cut, a little more length in the torso (a plus) and a good (not too long not to short) length to the sleeves. I love the purpley, fuchsia color to pieces! Ya know, whatever goes into these sweatshirt creations, (the particular way they are designed/made), I hope that mold never breaks! The sweatshirt hoodies from SF are truly some of the cutest, softest, greatest fitting hoodies I’ve found. I’m in total comfort wearing one and as far as I can see, (in a world according to hoodies), nothing else fits quite to a T!

Now about that sun!! I really dig the design of the large orangey/yellow sun decal on back and the awesome saying. It got me thinking about great sun inspired saying and lyrics and just then, I came across a John Lennon painted wall i.e. ” Here Comes the Sun.” It was Kismet! Can we ever get enough of that glorious 4.6 billion year old, life giving fire ball? Not a chance!

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I really dig the design! 

Adding Walkin’ on Sunshine to my hoody roster has been fun and even entertaining! You’ll find yourself singing Katrina and The Waves lyrics every time you wear it! Strangely, it seems to inspire people around you to do the same. Which is pretty cool, really. Like spreading a little cheer and sunshine every where you go! I think maybe this Walkin’ on Sunshine SF hoody has been cleverly engineered to impact the world positively by that very thing…bringing smile and song to everyone! An uplifting message like “Walkin’ on Sunshine”,  the use of recycled plastic and organic cotton...heck we are well on our way to making this world an even brighter, sing-a-long kind of place! YAY!

Sing! Sing out loud!
~ Woo

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2 Comments on Walkin’ On Sunshine & Feeling Good

  1. Anonymous
    December 13, 2012 at 7:42 pm (12 years ago)

    Will you be making a tee and pants with this design?

  2. Jacqueline
    December 13, 2012 at 7:54 pm (12 years ago)

    That’s a good question…there’s always a chance! Many of our Soul Flower original design wind up being printed on more than one style. It’s good to know there would be interest! đŸ™‚


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